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    Dell Z600 Lattitude Laptop with Wireless Charging
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Dell Z600 Lattitude Laptop with Wireless Charging


The Dell Z600 Lattitude Laptop is focused on all the latest trends in laptop computing, while trying to create some trends of its own.  The Dell Z600 is more than just en vogue– it has the slim, high style design and the processing power that today’s luxury laptop buyer wants.  Beyond that?  This Dell Lattitude features wireless induction charging.  Yeah, in short, that means you don’t need to plug this baby in to keep your batteries packed.  Set this baby on it’s included wireless induction tray, it’ll suck up more charge will you work.  Is that a big deal?  We think so.  No other laptop, by Apple or otherwise, offers this new, helpful feature set.  Do you hate power plugs and wall warts?  Throw ’em all out and get a Dell Z600.  You’ll pay a premium, but isn’t that always the case with early adoption?  Set those trends, player… [available now at dell]



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