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    Sexy Storytelling: 10 Amazing Works of Narrative Photography
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Sexy Storytelling: 10 Amazing Works of Narrative Photography


Lights, camera, supermodel– action. When it comes to storytelling, filmmakers can’t have all the fun. Before there were moving pictures, there were photographs that told stories that were truly compelling in their own right. Still storytelling is alive today, especially in the hands of some very talented fashion photographers. Besides, what’s a good story without a bit of sex? These fashion photographers tell vivid, exciting stories about life, lust and intrigue with some of the world’s most beautiful women. Here are 10 of the greatest works of naughty, narrative photography of the last decade.

Olga Kurylenko and Greg Williams: a Classic Scandal


Whether you’re new to the name or know it well, photographer Greg Williams is one of the best still storytellers in the world of fashion today. Partner his ability with the talent, the beauty of miss Olga Kurylenko, you’ve got a sexy classic on your hands. The Williams/Kurylenko photoshoot tells the story of the woman behind a political scandal in all its early 60s glory. The scene is set down to the detail, the lighting is just right, and Olga Kurylenko fills the role perfectly. (for extra credit, don’t miss TheCoolist’s favorite Greg Williams photoshoot with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley…)

Olga Kurylenko by Greg Williams Gallery

olga-kurylenko_greg-williams_1 olga-kurylenko_greg-williams_2 olga-kurylenko_greg-williams_6

olga-kurylenko_greg-williams_3 olga-kurylenko_greg-williams_5 olga-kurylenko_greg-williams_4

Make Love Not War by Steven Meisel


Photographer Steven Meisel is no stranger to making bold statements with his fashion photography. Meisel’s venerable career as a photographer has seen him rise to the art’s most recognizable name. His recent editorial for Vogue Italia titled “Make Love Not War” (nsfw) is as strong a statement as it is sexy. This editorial shows American GIs doing what they would be doing in Meisel’s world: fighting for love. A group of sexy fashion models play both sides of the battle for love, the soldiers and their lovely lady counterparts.

Make Love Not War Gallery

make-love-not-war_steven-meisel_1 make-love-not-war_steven-meisel_2 make-love-not-war_steven-meisel_3

make-love-not-war_steven-meisel_4 make-love-not-war_steven-meisel_5 make-love-not-war_steven-meisel_6

Domestic Bliss: Brad and Angelina at Home


You recognize that model above, don’t you? Hollywood’s hottest couple joined photographer Steven Klein for a 60-page photoshoot titled “Domestic Bliss“. Brad and Angelina play the part of a melancholy married couple stuck in the rut of suburban living. We can’t imagine life being boring married to either one of these two, but Angelina, we’d certainly do our best… This is a set not to miss, as Angelina and Brad maintain their solid acting chops filling the roles of mid-Century American drama.

Domestic Bliss Gallery

domestic-bliss_brad-and-angelina_1 domestic-bliss_brad-and-angelina_2 domestic-bliss_brad-and-angelina_3

domestic-bliss_brad-and-angelina_4 domestic-bliss_brad-and-angelina_5 domestic-bliss_brad-and-angelina_6

Amber Valetta: On the Prowl


Model and actress Amber Valetta is no stranger to high speed chases and auto-fueled lust. After working with Jason Statham in the film Transporter 2, she was a shoo-in for this role. Amber Valetta is featured here in the driver’s seat of a luxury sports car, on the prowl for a younger man. In the end, she gets what she wants, and the story is truly sexy along the way. Kudos to photographer Michelangelo di Battista for this shoot.

Amber Valetta by Michelangelo di Battista Gallery

amber-valletta_by-michelangelo-di-battista_1 amber-valletta_by-michelangelo-di-battista_2 amber-valletta_by-michelangelo-di-battista_3

amber-valletta_by-michelangelo-di-battista_4 amber-valletta_by-michelangelo-di-battista_5 amber-valletta_by-michelangelo-di-battista_6

Daria Werbowy Kicks Ass


Daria Werbowy is one model you don’t want to piss off. Photographers Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin shot this high-action editorial with the Ukrainian supermodel (the world’s 9th highest paid in 2007), showing off her martial artistry. Those stunt stand-ins must have left this shoot with lumps, and in spite of her waif-ish frame, we wouldn’t want to be one of them. (although we’re pretty sure we could take her)

Daria Werbowy Kicks Ass Gallery

daria-werbowy_inez-van-lamsweerde_vinoodh-matadin_1 daria-werbowy_inez-van-lamsweerde_vinoodh-matadin_2 daria-werbowy_inez-van-lamsweerde_vinoodh-matadin_3

daria-werbowy_inez-van-lamsweerde_vinoodh-matadin_4 daria-werbowy_inez-van-lamsweerde_vinoodh-matadin_5 daria-werbowy_inez-van-lamsweerde_vinoodh-matadin_6

Nell Rebowe: The Hunted


In this cat-and-mouse photo story, model Nell Rebowe plays the hunted, photographer Tim Hines plays the hunter. The defenseless Rebowe experiences captivity and escape, fighting to avoid the violent threat of her captors. In true fashion photo style, however, Miss Rebowe does it all in the slightest possible clothing. Those flowing red locks and lacy lingerie make for a tantalizing focal point to this fiery editorial.

Nell Rebowe: The Hunted Gallery

nell-rebowe_tim-hines_1 nell-rebowe_tim-hines_2 nell-rebowe_tim-hines_3

nell-rebowe_tim-hines_4 nell-rebowe_tim-hines_5 nell-rebowe_tim-hines_6

Angelika Kocheva as Amelia Earhart by Giuliano Bekor


Amelia Earhart lived an inspired life– and lately, that inspiration is alive in the world of fashion photography. In the last few years, Earhart’s legend has been relived in at least three high-profile fashion shoots. We chose the version by photographer Giuliano Bekor featuring model Angelika Kocheva, an authentic piece of pictorial storytelling that does its job of showing off style and clothing at the same time. This shoot may not be as sexy as the others on this list, but its authenticity is more than stylish enough to be included.

Amelia Earhart by Giuliano Bekor Gallery

amelia-earhart_with-Angelika-Kocheva_by-giuliano-bekor_6 amelia-earhart_with-Angelika-Kocheva_by-giuliano-bekor_5 amelia-earhart_with-Angelika-Kocheva_by-giuliano-bekor_4

amelia-earhart_with-Angelika-Kocheva_by-giuliano-bekor_3 amelia-earhart_with-Angelika-Kocheva_by-giuliano-bekor_2 amelia-earhart_with-Angelika-Kocheva_by-giuliano-bekor_1

The Getaway by Jason Lee Parry


Photographer Jason Lee Parry tells the story of two badlands bad-asses, a regular Bonnie and Clyde as they escape an unseen pursuer. The Getaway photo editorial shows love at its most dangerous, a shoot filled with attitude, fast cars and faster emotions.

The Getaway by Jason Lee Perry Gallery

the-getaway_jason-lee-perry_2 the-getaway_jason-lee-perry_3 the-getaway_jason-lee-perry_1

the-getaway_jason-lee-perry_5 the-getaway_jason-lee-perry_4 the-getaway_jason-lee-perry_6

The Escape Artist by Giuliano Bekor


In the case of photographer Escape Artist” featuring model Babs De Jhong. Ms. De Jhong plays the femme fatale in this high-action shoot-em-up, running a one woman bank heist from entry to escape. Bekor’s storytelling chops are exercised perfectly, and the level of production quality in this shoot is unparalleled. Hit the gallery below for just a taste of how excellent this shoot is…

Escape Artist Gallery

the-escape-artist_Giuliano-Bekor_and_Babs-de-Jongh_1 the-escape-artist_Giuliano-Bekor_and_Babs-de-Jongh_3 the-escape-artist_Giuliano-Bekor_and_Babs-de-Jongh_4

the-escape-artist_Giuliano-Bekor_and_Babs-de-Jongh_5 the-escape-artist_Giuliano-Bekor_and_Babs-de-Jongh_7 the-escape-artist_Giuliano-Bekor_and_Babs-de-Jongh_8

So– what’s your favorite work of sexy, narrative photography from the list above? Have you seen a photoshoot that we should have included here? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments. If you’d like to see more, don’t miss the links in each section above, each will lead to more photos for each shoot. Thanks to Iconology, FashionGoneRogue and TouchPuppet, where many of the above shoots were found. A special thanks, however, to JRameau and the people at Iconology for actively helping us build this list. If you haven’t read Iconology, you’re missing out!

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