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    Feng Shui Bedroom: 21 Ways to Create a Positive Sleeping Space
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Feng Shui Bedroom: 21 Ways to Create a Positive Sleeping Space

We’re here to discuss everything you’d need to know about a feng shui bedroom so you can incorporate this ancient Chinese art into your life.

Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

From feng shui principles to the layout of the room, we’ve got all the relevant information so you can promote positive energy in one of the most important rooms of the house.

When it comes to bedroom feng shui, the layout of your furniture is fundamental. The furniture layout quickly promotes relaxation and harmony within a room, and the most crucial piece of furniture to focus on is your bed.

Within feng shui, there is a position called the “command position.” This position is the area of a room that is furthest away from the door, but that is not in a direct line with it.

Chinese people believe that the command position gives you an advantage in dealing with whatever “comes through the door” as you have more time and space to act on it.

So, when you use feng shui to position your bed, you want it so that when you’re lying down, you have an uninterrupted view of the door. Other feng shui tips for your bed include having space on either side to increase the life force energy flowing around you as you sleep.

Small Bedroom Feng Shui Layout

Bedroom Feng Shui

If you have a small bedroom, having your bed in a command position may not be possible. Luckily, there is a way around it. If your bed isn’t able to be in optimal view of the door, you can place a mirror in your room. Position your mirror so that when you’re lying in bed, the whole reflection is of the door.

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Along with the layout of your room, some colors help implement feng shui. These colors promote peace, restful sleep, and sensuality.

Feng shui is all about nature, and incorporating earth tones and soft natural colors will help to invite good energy and deter negative energy from entering your room.

Colors to incorporate:

  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Off-white
  • Peach
  • Light blue
  • Green
  • Lavender

Color is Important

Although peach is a color that a feng shui consultant will recommend, they will also suggest only using it in small doses. Peach is thought to be the tone for attracting a partner, so if you were to paint your entire bedroom peach, for example, you’d quickly attract a partner and then many more after that.

Instead, use peach tones in throws, pillows, or smaller objects because, sure, we all want the perfect partner, but we don’t want fifty of them.

If you’re practicing feng shui, limiting the amount of wallpaper and accent walls in your room is also recommended. If you go down the wallpaper route, keep the colors and pattern to a minimum to avoid overcrowding the space.

Along with wallpaper, a white solid wall is also discouraged. As white is a very stark color that represents the metal element, it is seen to be mentally stimulating. This overstimulation leads to poor rest, so avoid it at all costs. Off-whites and cream tones are excellent alternatives.

Feng Shui Bedroom Rules and Tips

A few rules and important pieces of advice should be considered when creating a feng shui bedroom layout.

1. Position Your Bed in the Right Way

Bed Placement is Key

We mentioned before that your bed is the essential piece of furniture to position, so keep these tips in mind.

Place your bed in the command position for good feng shui in the bedroom. Remember, the command position faces the bedroom door while not being directly in line with it.

Your bed shouldn’t be placed in line with a bathroom as a feng shui expert will say the bathroom is associated with energy-draining. The draining of energy is the complete opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish, so stay well away.

Ideally, your headboard should be against a solid wall, and there should be space along the sides of your bed and at the foot of your bed. Finally, if all that wasn’t enough, try not to place your headboard against a wall where there is a toilet on the other side or if there are sloped ceilings, a ceiling fan, or low beams.

2. Get a Headboard

Increase Chi Flow with a Solid Headboard

Secondly, if you don’t have one already, invest in a headboard. A headboard represents support and stability, especially in romantic relationships.

Solid headboards are the best type of headboard, and you should securely fasten it to the bed to provide optimum strength and support.

3. Remove Everything From Under Your Bed

Keep Things Clear Under Your Bed

Storing items under the bed is considered a massive no-no in feng shui. This is because the things under the bed could affect you while you sleep and represent blocks in your life. For example, shoes under the bed could make you feel like you’re moving when you should be resting. And suitcases may make you feel like you’re on the go and never truly at home.

If you can, remove everything from under the bed and place it in a separate storage area. You ideally want to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for the life force energy to freely flow around you. This isn’t possible if you keep items under the bed.

4. Purchase a Pair of Nightstands

Create Symmetry

Pairs promote harmonious and loving energy, so incorporating pairs of items into your bedroom is considered good feng shui.

Even if you sleep alone every night and have no intentions of another human sleeping next to you, add two nightstands to your room. Asymmetry is off-putting, so your nightstands should match or complement one another.

5. Remove Electronics From the Bedroom

Electronics Impinge on a Restful Night's Sleep

It’s no secret that electronic devices can disrupt our sleep. We’ve all been there, scrolling aimlessly when our ideal bedtime was hours ago.

Your bedroom doesn’t need to be overcrowded with electronics. So, remove the TV, laptop, and cell phone and place them in a different room. Books and an alarm clock are all you need to stay entertained and punctual.

6. Incorporate Feng Shui Colors

Focus on Your Color Scheme

We mentioned before which colors fit in with the feng shui color palette. Natural, light tones should be the base of your room with splashes of certain colors to incorporate your specific needs. Pops of red of passion, blues and greens for rejuvenation, and pinks and peaches for attracting a partner.

Look closely at the feng shui energy map to figure out which colors correspond with the area of your life you’re working on.

7. Remove Any Books

Too Many Books Create Too Much Energy

Although having the book you’re currently reading on your nightstand is okay, having stacks of books in your bedroom can stimulate your mind. Books are active energy, so move them to your study for a good night’s rest.

8. Be Selective With Art

Minimal Decorative Objects are Needed

You should even think carefully about the artwork on your bedroom walls. If you’re looking to promote romance, you should look at placing family photos in other rooms of the house. For single individuals looking for a partner, you should avoid artwork with single objects or people in them.

9. Remove Any Gym Equipment

Exercise too Active Energy

It’s not surprising that workout gear and exercise equipment are active energy sources. As your bedroom is a place of rest and sleep, you want it to be as peaceful and relaxing as possible.

Try to find an alternative room in your home to store your gym equipment. But, if that isn’t possible, cover it up or keep it in a closet to limit its negative impact on the energy in the room.

10. Work in a Separate Room

A Bedroom Should Remain Just That

As well as working out in a different room, you should also keep your home office well away from the bedroom. Sleeping in the same area as you work makes it extremely hard to wind down at the end of the day.

If your home space is limited and your only option is to have your desk in the bedroom, try to separate the two with a folding screen or curtain.

11. Limit the Number of Mirrors

Avoid Mirrors Except When Creating a Commanding Position

Adding too many mirrors to your bedroom creates an imbalance of energy. Feng shui principles suggest that mirrors can activate the energy within a room, which, again, is something you’re trying to avoid.

Small bedrooms are an exception, however. As we spoke about earlier, if your bedroom is too small to fit your bed in the commanding position, then a mirror works well to reflect the door to see it from your bed.

12. Ground Your Space with a Rug

Rugs Are Good

Rugs can be expensive, but they’re a worthy investment when looking to feng shui your bedroom. A rug is an excellent way to ground the energy while you sleep, and it also helps to balance yin and yang. If you can’t afford to splurge on a large rug, then two smaller rugs on either side of the bed will work in the same way.

13. Add Living Plants

Plants Breathe Fresh Air into a Room

Plants are a great addition to your bedroom and bring vibrant life energy to your space. Start with easy-to-manage plants that work well with the heat, humidity, and lighting in your bedroom.

14. Bed Linens

The Right Sheets Are Important

Your bed linens are a way to incorporate the colors of the things you’d like to invite into your life. As you spend a considerable portion of your day resting and sleeping, the linens surrounding you should reflect the colors of the Bagua energy map.

15. Make Your Bed

Making Your Bed to Increase Motivation

Making your bed every morning is your first accomplishment of the day. Now, it may not seem that significant, but it puts you in a positive and organized mindset, increasing your motivation and reducing your stress levels.

16. Choose the Right Curtains

Curtains That Help You Wake Naturally

When choosing curtains for your bedroom, you should look at curtains that block out most of the light while still letting in the light of the moon and sun. Blackout curtains may seem like the best idea but waking naturally from the sun is a positive way to start your day.

Avoid excitable and depressive colors like black and red and colors that make you feel short-tempered or anxious. Solid and tranquil colors slightly different from your wall colors work best.

Your curtains should flow freely with the rest of the room and not be a stand-out feature. Avoid patterns, over-the-top textures, and waves in the fabric.

17. Open Your Blinds

Open Blinds are Inviting Energy Into Your Life

Opening your blinds is another habit that sets your day up in the right way. Opening your blinds and your windows will let the outside in to refresh the energy in the room. At night time, close the blinds to keep in the fresh circulating energy that’ll flow around you while you’re sleeping.

18. Avoid Sharp Corners

Don't Create a Sharp Environment

This one comes down to your personal preferences, but feng shui experts believe that the chi finds it far more difficult to flow around sharp or square corners.

Rounded surfaces and rounded bedroom furniture are recommended. But, if you do have hard corners in your room, avoid placing them so they point to your bed.

19. Don’t Use Water to Decorate

Water is a Bedroom No No

However appealing it may be to have a fish tank in your bedroom, feng shui masters would discourage the idea. Water is an active force that never rests. Fish tanks, paintings of water, and even rivers or oceans outside your window can disrupt your sleep.

Water, in the Bagua map, creates abundance and wealth. But, in the bedroom, it counteracts fire.

Including all of the five elements in your bedroom is important. But, instead of adding actual water to your room, try and incorporate the color black. Black is the color for water, and you can easily add it to a room through pillows, art, vases, or other small decorative items.

20. Use Candles, Incense, or Air Fresheners

Create Positive Chi Flow

Scents can ward off negative energy and make your room smell inviting, relaxed, and comfortable. Scented candles, incense, or air freshers are the perfect way to bring the right kind of energy into the room.

Some air freshener companies have even color-coded their cans to match up with the eight areas of the Bagua energy map. When you’re next in your local supermarket, take the time to head down the air freshener aisle and see for yourself!

21. Bed Sizing

Big Beds Mean Big Energy Flow

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade your bed, then here it is! Bed sizing is also important in feng shui as having a larger bed helps to circulate the chi in the room.

Queen-sized beds are ideal and perfect for two people in a relationship. However amazing they may be, King-sized beds can sometimes come in two separate pieces. Box springs in separate parts should be avoided as they disrupt the harmony and connection between partners. Instead, look for a king bed that comes in one full piece.

Final Thoughts on Creating a Feng Shui Bedroom

Learning how to feng shui your bedroom correctly can be a difficult and confusing task. If you’re interested in the practice but have little idea of interior design, then seek the help of a certified feng shui consultant.

They will be able to position the furniture to reduce bad feng shui, but they will also be able to incorporate colors, textures, and elements into the room that you may not have considered.

As we finish with our article today, we’d love to know what you think about feng shui. Have you incorporated feng shui in your own bedroom? And now that we’ve discussed some tips and rules for feng shui, are you intrigued to try it out? Let us know in the comment section down below!