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    Guns by Guido Mocafico
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Guns by Guido Mocafico

Guido Mocafico is a very long-time favorite of TheCoolist, especially his stunning photo series titled Serpens, showcasing the color and beauty of snakes across the world.  Mocafico appears to be fascinated by the things in life that strike terror into the hearts of men– snakes, spiders… and now guns.  The artist has photographed a collection of guns from government-issued Colt handguns to the complex HK shown above.  On a death black background, Mocafico strips down the viewers perspective on weapons and issues these forms as basic as they can be.  This is neither a gun show or a political statement, just a simple and stunning series of portraits of some of the world’s deadliest things. [more at guido mocafico]

Guns by Guido Mocafico Gallery