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iPhone 4 Gets Real

iPhone 4 is here, officially revealed today at WWDC 2010 by Steve Jobs himself.  What’s new in the latest iPhone?  Surprisingly– a whole lot.  This isn’t a small update by any means, as the new functionality of iPhone 4 makes Apple a leader in the mobile hardware market once again.  Here’s a quick look at what’s new in iPhone 4:

  • FaceTime – the new iPhone 4 features a front-facing camera in addition to the standard rear cam.  This allows videoconferencing, which Apple displayed today as “FaceTime”.
  • Retina Display – Apple has increased the pixel count on iPhone 4 four-fold, giving the iPhone’s display a resolution so crisp that individual pixels are virtually invisible to the human eye.
  • Multi-tasking – Apple has refined the multi-tasking process for iPhone 4, presenting no added drain on the device’s battery or processor.
  • HD Video Recording – iPhone 4’s rear-facing camera is now HD-capable, recording video at high resolutions for both editing and playback all on the same device.
  • 5-Megapixel Camera with Flash – iPhone 4’s camera hardware received an upgrade beyond just the HD resolution for video.  Stills will now be 5-megapixels and can be captured with a flash.

The new Apple iPhone 4 will begin shipping on June 24th.  Without question, this step to iPhone version 4 is impressive and once again, revolutionary.

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