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The Island House of Stockholm, Sweden

island house stockholm sweden 1 The Island House of Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm stretches across a vast archipelago, where the abundance of water has earned it the nickname “Venice of the North”.  This quiet island retreat rests on one of greater Stockholm’s many islands, one with lush vegetation and a clear view of an inland lake off of the Baltic Sea.

The Island House by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff Architects is a single story summer home with floor-to-ceiling window views of the forest and the lake.  The natural scenery is its wallpaper, while the rest of the interior is adorned with slatted wood and white inner walls.  While the layout and technique of the home may be contemporary, the focus of its furnishings is on comfort and relaxation.

Beyond the main section of the home is a large wooded lot that terminates on the shore of its lake.  There is a second structure on the dock that includes a wood burning stove, fitting for a guest house or an office for the home’s occupants.  If there is a better way to escape the bustle of busy Stockholm and to enjoy the nature beyond it, we’ll need to see it to believe it.  As the leaves begin to change their colors, this has to be the best viewpoint in Stockholm to witness their glory.  [widjedal racki bergerhoff architects via arkinetia, photos by lindman photography]

island house stockholm sweden 4 The Island House of Stockholm, Sweden

Island House of Stockholm Sweden

Island House of Stockholm Sweden

Island House of Stockholm, Sweden Gallery

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