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    Italia Veloce Bicycles
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Italia Veloce Bicycles

Italy has had a profound influence on the modern fixed-gear bike movement.  Old Bianchi’s and Pugeot’s are often the subject of fixed-gear restorations, and the celebrated Bianchi Pista is still in production today.  It’s not the big brands that get us most excited, however, it’s the up-and-coming, hard-working custom builders that are leading the proverbial peloton.  Today, we celebrate Italia Veloce Bicycles, a small bike builder that embodies everything special about the terms “Italian” and “hand-crafted”.  Italia Veloce produces a line of four frames that are fully customizable for their owners, as reflected in the company’s online ground-up configurator.

Italia Veloce’s design philosophy appears to embrace simplicity, classicism and quality.  In terms of simplicity, Italia Veloce’s builds are bare to the core, with only a frame and a handful of the most necessary components.  Their appearance is classical in nature, with a vintage vibe that recalls the designs of the 1970s.  Last, the hand-built quality of their frames and the selective approach to components makes these bikes designed to last and look good doing it.

You can configurate your own Italia Veloce on the company’s website, starting with the frame and working from there.  It might be a bit cumbersome if you’re not familiar with Italian, but we made do.  Our all-white version built around the Magnifica frame is as dashing as it gets.  Now just to get our dollars in a row to take one home…  [via yatzer]

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