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    Round Tower House by De Matos Ryan
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Round Tower House by De Matos Ryan

After fire and decay nearly took this tower to the ground, the De Matos Ryan architecture firm gave it a new life.  The Round Tower House by De Matos Ryan celebrates the original form of this ancient structure with a new modern home beneath.  Guests are welcomed at the front door located at the base of the old tower, while living sections, bedrooms and an outdoor patio stretch out below.  The fusion of classical and modern is surprisingly effective, yielding a home unlike many others in modern England.

The Round Tower House features a restored upper tower and a cavernous living section below.  The tower was approaching the need for demolition, but the architect gave it a second life with this design.  Amidst rehabbing the tower, the lower section was built with multiple skylights that gave a view to the home’s tower above.  The below-ground entertainment section features a sunken courtyard with a swimming pool and sun deck that is hidden from view of the neighbors.  Plenty of light is let in to the lower area, but private rooms are well hidden from outward exposure.

Living in a castle is a dream to many in our youth, and modern living tends to catch on later in life.  This fusion of both is a welcome sight, one that we’d love to enjoy for a weekend… or longer.  [via archdaily]

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