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    Khayangan Luxury Resort Villas in Bali
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Khayangan Luxury Resort Villas in Bali


Day gig getting you down?  If you need an escape, here’s your shot to do it in ultimate style.  The Khayangan Luxury Resort Villas in Bali are like heaven on Earth, a series of private resort cabanas overlooking the ocean as far as the eye can sea.  The landscape is both carefully cultivated and wildly natural, dotted with tropical wildflowers, swaying palm trees and lush green grasses. Each villa is laced from corner to corner in fine, modern furnishings with its own private pool and personal service.  Sound like something you could dip your toes in for a long week?  Make some space for us in your suitcase, we’ll gladly keep you company.  [khayangan estate via adelto]



Khayangan Luxury Resort Gallery