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Mod: A Cloud-Enabled Paper Notebook

Even in an age where everything seems to be digitized, there’s something to be said for a simple pen and paper. Somehow, when inspiration strikes, I find the act of actually writing it out to be immensely more satisfying than having to wrestle with my touchscreen keyboard or pull my laptop out of my bag. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the process; there are no bells and whistles, no distractions, and no need to worry about things like battery life or connectivity. You simply pull out a pen and scratch out your thoughts.

Of course, the problem with notebooks is that they tend to be easily misplaced. I suppose that’s something of an ironic thought, given the difference in size between a smartphone and a book. Thing is, phones are all-in-one devices, easy to use, store, and transport. Notebooks, well…they aren’t. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve ended up misplacing a notebook which was filled with great ideas. For that reason, I find myself intrigued by the concept behind Mod Notebooks. They are, in essence, the world’s first cloud-enabled books.

Each Mod book is the size of an iPad Mini, with super-thick 120GSM paper available in three types: plain, ruled, and dot-grid. The high-quality binding opens flat, allowing them to be used easily on any surface. Of course, at this point, you’re wondering where the cloud integration comes in. Well…see….

Although the Mod Notebooks are fairly high quality, they aren’t exactly high tech. As a matter of fact, there’s no technology within them at all. Instead, how it works is when you fill one of your notebooks, you’ll find an envelope in the back cover. You can use that envelope to ship it back to Mod, free of charge. At that point, the company will scan and digitize your book over the course of about five days, at which point you can either have it recycled or returned to you.

At that point, your stuff’s in the cloud. you’ll be able to enjoy it from anywhere and at any time.

Of course, you might want to avoid writing anything incredibly private in one of these, since the staff of Mod are obviously going to see your book when they’re scanning it.

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