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Master Number 33: Numerology of “The Master Teacher” and Meaning

33 is a master number in numerology and is known as the master teacher or uplifter. Master number 33 is a powerhouse of creative energy and possibility motivated by genuine love and compassion for people around it and the world. Master number 33 has the deepest desire to guide, teach, and nurture others.

Master Number 33
Meaning of master number 33 in numerology

In numerology, there are three master numbers — 11, 22, and 33. Master number 33 is considered a powerful number because its vibration is an amalgamation of the master numbers 11 and 22. In addition, the numerology number 33 carries twice the energy of the single number 3 and the essence of its root number 6.

People native to the number 33 tend to be caring, helpful, loving, and want to bring a change into the world. Being the most compassionate of all the numbers, 33 symbolizes spiritual giving.

What does master number 33 mean in numerology?

The master number 33 means four things in numerology.

  • Nurturing and protective energy
  • Emotional joy and creativity
  • Sign of balance
  • Spirituality

Nurturing and protective energy

The essence of master number 33 in numerology is nurturing and protective energy. Although master numbers like 33 aren’t reduced to a single-digit form, it still resonates with the vibrations of the number 6. In numerology, the number 6 embodies unconditional love and the ability to nurture, heal, and support. Hence, numerology 33 possesses a helping and selfless nature and is closely linked to family love. It’s the number associated with the deep desire to provide for and nurture others. People with the master number 33 in their chart tend to be natural humanitarians. Their greatest purpose is serving humanity and doing their best to contribute to making the world a better place.

Emotional joy and creativity

The 33 master number symbolizes emotional joy and creativity in numerology. Single-digit 3 makes the most basic form of the master number 33. And in numerology, 3 is the number that is all about curiosity and creative expression. It’s filled with ideas, possibilities, and imagination. The number 3 appearing twice, like in 33, inspires double the creativity and inspiration.

Sign of balance

Master number 33 is a sign of balance and harmony in numerology influenced by the master numbers that come before it. Adding 11 and 22 gives you 33. Hence, master number 33 features a perfect balance of the vibrations and the qualities of the master numbers before it. In other words, numerology 33 has the mystical and intuitive vibrations of master number 11 and the practical wisdom and idealistic nature of Master Builder number 22. The blend of the visionary qualities of 11 and the 22’s ability to manifest visions give numerology 33 its Master Teacher qualities.


Master number 33 means deep spirituality in numerology. Numerology 33 is wise beyond its years and is often called the Master Teacher. It carries a higher vibration and spiritual energy associated with transformation. Master number 33 encourages spiritual creation, harmony, and understanding of the essence and depth of being. People associated with the master number 33 have the opportunity to embrace the spiritual aspects of the world. While maintaining positive spiritual energies is not easy to gain mastery over, number 33 people tend to be selfless individuals.

Why is the number 33 significant?

The number 33 is significant because it’s considered the Master Teacher. Master number 33 combines the powers of expression of the number 3 and the teacher and caregiver number 6. When expressed in its full force, numerology number 33 lacks personal ambition. Instead, it’s highly focused on spiritual teaching and uplifting and carries a high level of sincere devotion to the world.

What is the significance of age 33?

There are two significant meanings for being the age of 33. First, turning 33 is significant because it symbolizes accomplishment, a burst of success, or a milestone. It signifies the power to make changes of great magnitude. Age 33 relates to the age of Jesus Christ when he was crucified and fulfilled His ultimate purpose of saving the world. Second, reaching the age of 33 is a yakudoshi age for women. In Japan, there is an old religious belief that turning a certain age is unlucky. For women, turning 33 means that you are in your yakudoshi or unlucky years.

What is the significance of 33 in love?

The significance of master number 33 in love is the potential for success in any and every relationship you have. Compared to other numbers, 33 is the most loving, understanding, compassionate, and nurturing of all. Master number 33 embodies unconditional love. Hence, it’s considered a symbol of intense vibration in the realms of romantic relationships.

Is master number 33 rare?

Yes, master number 33 is rare in numerology. The number 33 is only considered a master number if it appears in the core numbers of your chart — Personality, Birthday, Life Path, Expression, and Soul Urge. Beyond these five core numbers, 33 is reduced to the single-digit number 6. Furthermore, only very few birth dates produce the master number 33, and even rarer core name numbers equal 33. That said, if 33 appears in your chart, it tends to bring impressive and powerful vibrations.

What energy does master number 33 have?

Master number 33 has the energies of courage, honesty, compassion, and inspiration. Numerology 33 is considered the most spiritually evolved master number. 33 is the most selfless of all numbers. People with the master number 33 resonate with kind-hearted and creative energy. They live with little to no personal ambition. Instead, number 33 people’s main goal relates to the greater good of humanity.

Is the number 33 powerful?

Yes, the master number 33 is powerful in terms of the dreams, experiences, and intuitions it can reveal. Number 33 takes the strength of the master numbers 11 and 22 and stores them in one. In short, numerology 33 has ample power and potential hidden away.

Below are five examples of the numerological power and significance of the number 33.

  • In the sum of powers in mathematics, the sum of three cubes is 33.
  • In the Newton scale, the degree of heat measurement devised by Isaac Newton around the 1700s, water starts to boil at 33 degrees.
  • 33 is the atomic number of the element arsenic, which has earned the reputation as ‘the king of poisons.’
  • The human spine consists of 33 vertebrae.
  • There are 33 deities in ancient Hinduism.

What does 33 mean in astrology?

In astrology, the number 33 means knowledge. According to Vedic astrology, each single-digit number from 1 to 9 is associated with a certain planetary deity. The qualities of the number 33 are from the vibration of the single-digit 3. And the number 3’s ruling planet, Jupiter, provides information on the nature of the number 3. Jupiter is the planet considered the ‘teacher of the gods.’ Hence, three is the number known as the ‘knowledge bank’ in Vedic astrology.

People associated with the Jupiter or number 3 influence are very high on values and principles. It’s a number that infuses, inspires, and helps pull the community upward and forward.

What does 33 mean in tarot?

The meaning of the number 33 relates to three different Tarot cards. First, 33 signifies The Empress tarot card, the 3rd card of the Major Arcana. The Empress card embodies nurturing and mothering energy. It knows self-care, indulging oneself with the finer things in life, and nourishing other people truly and deeply. Second, number 33 relates to The Lovers, Tarot’s 6th Major Arcana card. The Lovers card represents love, romance, relationships, and duality. It has the intention of deepening existing relationships and embracing new ones. Third, numerology 33 symbolizes the Cups in the Minor Arcana. The Cups tarot cards carry the vibration of the element of water, like Jupiter in Vedic astrology. The water element represents all your feelings, needs, wants, desires, emotions, and relationships.

Is 33 a lucky number?

Yes, 33 is a lucky number in some cultures, but it is also considered an unlucky omen in others. For example, in Chinese culture, the number 33 is considered a good omen. It brings double the vibration of the number 3, which, in China, is considered auspicious. The other lucky significance and meanings associated with the number are rebirth, growth, and success. Moreover, in feng shui, doubling a number, like 3+3=6, or multiplying a number by itself, like 3×3=9, means you double or multiply the good luck that a single-digit number brings.

On the other hand, 33 is considered unlucky in Japanese superstition for two reasons. First, the pronunciation of the number 33 sounds like ‘san-zan,’ which is synonymous with difficult or troublesome. Additionally, 33 is considered the unluckiest number of Japanese women. There are three Yakudoshi years (Yaku means ‘calamity’ and Doshi means ‘year’) for women, 19, 33, and 61, with the number 33 being considered the Taiyaku or the worst year of luck.

What does master number 33 mean for your career?

Master number 33 means bringing everything into full fruition regarding your career. In numerology, the number 33 is artistically talented with a matching charisma. Whether in an artistic career or business, the master number 33 and success come hand in hand because you have what it takes to excel in these careers.

In addition, master number 33 means you are drawn into careers that take advantage of your nurturing and compassionate nature. Choosing a career path focused on your responsibility towards the world or those less fortunate will give you immense fulfillment. Number 33 people further find fulfillment outside of their careers through volunteer work.

What does master number 33 mean in Chinese numerology?

Master number 33 means two things in Chinese numerology. First, master number 33 means birth or growth in Chinese numerology. In Chinese numerology, instead of associating each number with their deep-rooted personality, their numerology meaning is derived based on the sounds of the numbers when spoken or said aloud. The meaning of the number 33 in Chinese culture is largely associated with the single number 3. In Chinese, the pronunciation of the number 3 closely resembles that of the Chinese term for “birth.” Number 3 symbolizes life and the abundance that is born with it. Number 3 further signifies one or the first of the three stages of human existence — birth, marriage, and death. Hence, the number 3 is considered a lucky number in Chinese. And if numerology 3 appears in groups or repeating sequences like 33 or even the number 333, it suggests even more great luck and fortune. Second, master number 33 relates creativity and imagination according to the Lo-Shu Grid. The Lo-Shu Grid is a 3×3 grid associated with the nine single-digit numbers 1-9, which is part of Chinese numerology, with every number symbolic of certain traits. Number 3 in Lo-Shu Square carries the energy of the element of wood, which supports sunrise, creativity, and creation.

In summation, master number 33 is significant in Chinese culture and is often considered a lucky omen.

What does master number 33 mean in Hindi?

Master number 33 means two things in Hindi. First, 33 is associated with the Vedic numerology number 3, which means knowledge and intelligence. Number 3 is ‘the innovator,’ highly talented, diverse, flexible, and creative. It’s the number with a great sense of style and artistic flair. Second, master number 33 relates to the numerology number 6, which means ‘the pacifier’ in Vedic numerology in Hinduism. It carries a calm demeanor and sweetness of spirit and puts importance on maintaining peace and harmony in relationships.

What does the master number 33 house number mean?

Master number 33 in a house number means a perfect place for creatively inclined people. The meaning of the 33 house number is derived from the vibrations of the number 3. According to Vastu, the number 3 is ideal for fostering artistic skills, which is compatible with people who are creatives, like artists, writers, and painters.

In addition, the planet house of Jupiter is associated with numerology 33, is a water planet. The element of water relates to new thoughts, ideas, and a stream of new possibilities.

What does the number 33 represent in the Bible?

The number 33 represents God’s promises to His people in the Bible. Many biblical facts relate to the importance and meaning of the number 33. For instance, Elohim, the divine name of God, also listed as #H430 in Strong’s Concordance, is mentioned in the story of creation in the book of Genesis 33 times. Another example of the significance of the number 33 in the Bible relates to Jesus Christ. Saint Joseph married the Virgin Mary at 33 when she became pregnant with Jesus. In addition, Jesus was 33 years old when he died on the cross and was resurrected to fulfill God’s promise of saving mankind from sins.

Below are two examples of the number 33 in different verses in the Bible describing God and His mercy.

  • Psalms 33 is a psalm that calls to praise the Lord and begins with, “Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous; it’s fitting for the upright to praise him.”
  • Jeremiah 33 starts with, “Moreover the word of the Lord came unto Jeremiah the second time…” The verse continues to explain God’s promise of restoration to a ruined city.

What numbers are the most compatible with master number 33?

The numbers that are most compatible with master number 33 are the other master numbers, 11 and 22. Master number 33 shares many of the same values and traits of 11 and 22, which fosters harmony in relationships. Additionally, master number 33 is compatible with the numbers 6, 1, 8, and 9.

Below are the six most compatible numbers with master number 33 and how they interact with each other.

33 and 6 compatibility

The compatibility between the number 6 and master number 33 is from their shared values. It’s easy for numbers 6 and 33 to understand each other’s feelings because they value the same things—harmony and balance. Their common goals serve as the basis of their relationship. Home and family life are always the top priorities for numbers 6 and 33.

The only challenge for this union is establishing who will take the lead in their relationship, as both 6 and 33 like to take charge.

1 and 33 compatibility

The union between numbers 1 and 33 has good compatibility if they can work past their issues. Number 33’s nurturing and emotional nature clashes with number 1’s need for independence. However, if number 1 and 33 set aside their differences, build up their closeness, and feel at ease expressing their feelings, their relationship will survive.

8 and 33 compatibility

Numbers 8 and 33 have the makings of great compatibility if they manage to get together. They each fulfill different responsibilities in a relationship, with the number 33 focused on the home front while the number 8 focused on career and professional life.

That said, the major struggle between the 8s and 33s is making the first move. Number 33 fears rejection, while number 8 is always careful and rarely starts conversations.

9 and 33 compatibility

The partnership of the numbers 9 and 33 is generally very compatible. They have a shared intensity and passion for keeping their relationship blossoming, and each of their strengths influences the other. For instance, the number 33 inspires the number 9 to focus and pay importance to little details. Meanwhile, the number 9 influences number 33 to broaden their outlook.

The only concern in their partnership is who handles the financial matters, as both enjoy spending big.

11 and 33 compatibility

Master numbers 11 and 33 have excellent compatibility. Both numbers share a mutual appreciation of many values, such as honesty, commitment, trust, and security in the relationship. Once numbers 11 and 33 decide to commit to their partnership, both will be loving and affectionate partners.

11s and 33s both dislike confrontations. Their gentle and diplomatic approach to things makes the relationship calm, balanced, and harmonious. As long as they avoid keeping their emotions bottled up and make it a point to communicate their feelings freely, the master numbers 11 and 33 have the makings of a match made in heaven.

22 and 33 compatibility

The common values and interests of master numbers 22 and 33 mean they have great compatibility. Both are grounded and committed in the relationship and take their responsibilities very well. Although neither are great at openly expressing their emotions, numbers 22 and 33 deeply care about each other and will express their love and devotion in many practical ways.

Master number 33 – Final thoughts

Master number 33 is an amalgamation of the master numbers 11 and 22. By combining the energy of 11 and 22, master number 33 holds significant power and promise as a numerology number. Master number 33 signifies protection, creativity, and spiritual harmony. If master number 33 appears in a numerology reading, the recipient can choose to use the number 33 to prepare for their future endeavors.

Is master number 33 one of your numerology numbers? Let us know about your experience with numerology and master number 33 in the comments below.

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  1. Dec 6 1995. My new friend told me today that I am a 33 after we had discovered a spiritual connection between each other. I can’t express how much clarity I have been given knowing in words that I am a spiritual guide of love and light. Everything about low personal ambition with a desire to change the world, fierce unconditional and unwavering love and positivity rings true, and I’m excited to step confidently forward knowing myself just a bit better. Thank you.

  2. Yeah! I’m a 33s Bron. 30.5.1996! It’s make me 33 and reduce to 6s. I’m 28yrs old now, and I don’t seem to be lucky, cuz my entire life is to work for other and sacrifing myself to other. People don’t considerd me as human and I had suffered a lot.
    Pls someone give me insight.😔

  3. I was born on the 27 January 1958, a 33. Having lived now to 65 I can say I have had an Extrodinary life so far, much of what is written is true..

  4. I am July 12 1994 this is me 33 burn natural leader the nucturer of the 12 zodiac sign, someone take me to Pluto…..