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Nest Protect: a Smart Smoke Alarm

You probably didn’t know you need a new smoke alarm.  We didn’t either.  Then along comes the guy that invented the iPod for Apple, Tony Fadell, and boom– you’re gonna buy a new smoke detector.  You might recognize Fadell (and the name of this new product) from his Nest Thermostat, a smart device sold at Best Buy and elsewhere that pretty much revolutionizes the way you heat, cool and monitor your home’s climate.  His latest project, the Nest Protect, promises to safely, intelligently alert you and your family when there is smoke or carbon monoxide in your home.

Nest Protect doesn’t chirp through the night keeping you awake.  It doesn’t sonically blast your house when you’re cooking dinner.  It monitors smoke levels in your house and alerts you with a simple, firm voice when there is a problem.  If there’s smoke in your bedroom, it’ll tell you that– both from its internal speaker and an alert to your mobile device.  If there is carbon monoxide in your home (and you have a Nest Thermostat), Nest Protect will immediately shut down your gas stove or other utility device to prevent an expanded leak.

In a true Tony Fadell manner, Nest Protect is also clean, attractive and user-friendly.  The guy that created the iPod hasn’t lost his touch (we honestly did not intend a pun there), and this is another way that Fadell hopes to revolutionize the way we interact with our home devices.  It’s a system we didn’t realize was broken, but after it was pointed out to us, we realized just how bad we needed this little change.

The Nest Protect system is coming soon, but delivery dates have not yet been announced.  You can pre-order one now for $129, in either a white or black case.  Safe sleeping, friends!




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