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NIKE Opens Custom-Fitting and Game Optimization Center in Scotland

Golf is a game of subtlety, from the minute changes made to every swing, right down to the fitting of each individual club. To offer golfers the best chance of success, NIKE has teamed up with Archerfield Links Golf Club to open a new Performance Fitting Center in Edinburgh, Scotland. Opening just ahead of the Scottish Open, the center will offer a top-notch club fitting service, along with exclusive access to an elite coaching panel that includes professional golfers and coaches such as Andy Coltart and Gary Nicol, both members of Nike’s Swoosh Staff.

“This incredible facility takes club fitting to another level,” said Rory McIlroy, who was on hand for the announcement. He went on to add: “It’s so impressive that Nike is providing the consumer the same type of service that we get as Nike athletes.” One such service is an ultimate three-day stay at the luxury club that will provides customers with a full club and ball fitting, game-assessment, physical fitness consultation and playing lesson. Part of the lesson involves being taught how to use the Nike Golf NG360 app, which allows players to track their progress on the course, and also offer tips on game-improvement.

“It’s not enough to simply make great product – we have to serve our consumer with world-class experiences that enable them to unlock their true potential. Our partnership with Archerfield, an authentic site located on Scotland’s Golf Coast, does just that,” said Cindy Davis, President, Nike Golf. “At Archerfield we like to play a different game,” added Tom Younger, CEO at the golf club. “We want to create facilities which are above and beyond expectation, which set the benchmark in understated luxury and service.”

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