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    Normal Earbuds are a 3D-Printed Match for Your Ears
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Normal Earbuds are a 3D-Printed Match for Your Ears

The hallmark of a good invention is that it solves a common problem. The hallmark of a great one is that it solves a common problem no one was even aware existed. That’s what the Normal Earbuds accomplish – they’re a pair of headphones that shape themselves to the ear of the listener.

Tell me something, folks. How many times have you donned a pair of ear-buds, only to realize – likely with no small degree of frustration – that they don’t quite fit you right? That with even a slight head movement in the wrong direction, they’ll fall out. How many of you have found yourselves frustrated at the amount of noise leaking in past your music; just enough that you have to listen to the vagrant on the street corner bellowing about the End of Days?

Most of you, I’ll wager.

The Normal Earbuds solve that problem, primarily by being the snuggest fit you’ll ever get from a pair of ear-buds. After all, each set of Normals is designed for a single individual, thanks to the wonders of 3D printing. Those of you who live in New York can even visit The Factory (where the Normal buds are made) and craft your headphones on-site.  As for everyone else, don’t worry – you aren’t out of luck, either.  The Normals App uses your phone’s camera to take a snapshot of your ears, at which point it structures an ear-bud shaped to each canal. After that, all you need to do is select the color and order your headphones.

Easy, right?

The Normal Earbuds will be available at a retail value of $199 – which admittedly seems a little steep for headphones. Still, you’re getting a pretty ridiculous level of quality for that price; a pair of Normals will definitely last longer than a pair of $30 ear buds from Future Shop. I’d imagine they’re also boxed with a pretty decent warranty, too. You don’t drop that much money on headphones without some form of protection for them, after all.

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