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Nikon D5100 Digital SLR

Nikon has released a new entry level pro-function camera, the Nikon D5100 Digital SLR.  Taking the torch from the D5000, the 5100 represents the latest in still/video hybrids, featuring a new set of video tools and 1080p HD quality recording.  Add a boosted sensor and better low-light sensitivity… and we’re cursing ourselves for buying a Nikon D3100 last month (okay, maybe not– we love that camera!).

The new Nikon D5100 is yet another step forward in the world of still/video hybrid SLRs.  It provides the same HD video recording as the 3100, but with a new host of visual effects that can be applied to the video directly on the camera.  These effects include night vision, selective color, high/low key, a tilt-shift miniature effect and more.  Cutting can be done on-board as well, as start/end points can be selected for videos prior to transferring.

The D5100 has been given a similar sensor as the higher-end D700, a unit that provides higher resolutions and better light sensitivity than its predecessors.  This sensor is rated as 16.2MP, and provides high-quality, low-noise images as high as ISO 25600 in low-light scenarios.  Another nice quality of the D5100 is the swivel-style LCD display.  This display can be moved in many directions to provide new perspectives, ranging from low and high angles without the need for a tripod.

The Nikon D5100 Digital SLR is shipping now for $799.99.  It is currently selling with either an 18-55mm lens or an 18-105mm lens option, but not available as a body-only package.  If you want to see a similar model in action, we used the Nikon D3100 to produce the images for our recent review of the Postcard Inn in St. Petersburg Florida.  The pretty scenery sure doesn’t hurt!

Nikon D5100 Digital SLR