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    Olivers Travel’s “Lovers Deep” Luxury Submarine
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Olivers Travel’s “Lovers Deep” Luxury Submarine

The lifestyle of a Bond villain can now be yours, provided you have six figures to spend on a nightly basis.  The Oliver’s Travels “Lover’s Deep” luxury submarine is now accepting reservations for two-at-a-time from the Caribbean island of your choice.  Just pick a destination, board the ship and prepare to submerge.

“Lover’s Deep” provides an incredibly rare travel experience that might even be the only one of its kind.  Sure, there are luxury yachts for rent around the world, but none can submerge and provide an underwater view of the marine world from a collection of airtight windows.  Schools of fish, pods of dolphin and landscapes of coral can be seen from various Caribbean hotspots from the undersea windows aboard Lover’s Deep.

While guests can choose any island they wish as an embarking point, Oliver’s Travels suggests St. Lucia, and we concur.  You can always book a night at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat while you await the arrival of Lover’s Deep, making for the romantic trip of a lifetime.  Just be sure you have the bank account status to fund such an adventure.  Lover’s Deep can be reserved for $175,000 per night, placing it pretty high up in the rankings of “most expensive hotel rooms” in the world, provided a submersible hotel room fits that category.

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