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Romita Comedor Restaurant – Mexico City

A multi-use historic building in modern Mexico City is home to an adored local eatery and lounge, Romita Comedor.  This dining hot spot serves up traditionally-inspired Mexican dishes in an environment well-fitted with vintage furnishings.  The decoration feels right at home in a structure that is roughly a century old, one inspired by the train stations its era.  This is exhibited in the structure’s signature characteristic, a large tiled-glass roof that extends around to a front-facing wall.  Whether open in the cooler months or open to summer breezes, this glass top brings the emotion of historic Mexico City into the restaurant’s interior, the perfect backdrop to the chef’s fine cuisine.  It is a marvelous renovation, one matched with a comfortable and classy vintage interior, yielding an entertaining dining experience in Mexico’s greatest city.  [via tch]

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