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    Shutterbugs Exposed: Photography Jobs From Around The World
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Shutterbugs Exposed: Photography Jobs From Around The World

Place your DSLR on a tripod, adjust the lens to get the best possible composition, get the focus right, choose appropriate ISO setting, change shutter speed and aperture, go to timer mode and select five seconds, and then click. Being a photographer, these are things I never get tired of. It’s fun being a shutterbug, as you might also agree if you are fond of clicking as well. The ever changing world always throws perfect compositions at us, one of the reasons we never get tired of this hobby whether you are into fashion photography, or wildlife shooting, or one who just loves to roam around your city and click.


We are taking a peek at many of the styles photographers from around the world are specializing in. These include photography jobs like street photography, which is probably loved by any shutterbug out there, and forensic photography meant for people who can keep food in their stomachs, and war photography, which is probably the most dangerous.

Click While Staying Out of the Food Chain

Wildlife photography is surely fun. It will certainly bring out our ancestral instincts of surviving in the wild. But we can’t go out there and believe that we are the king of the jungle when there are other mighty ones to watch out for. So just stick to a lens with a really good zoom or, of course, there are vehicles to stay inside and shoot.

Lion family portrait. Masai Mara, Kenya
Lion family portrait. Masai Mara, Kenya

Dodge Bullets, Keep Clicking

You have to shoot people who are there to shoot people without getting in range of those who shoot you. I hope that wasn’t confusing.

The image below shows US paratroopers in Vietnam, on September 25, 1965. It was clicked by French war photographer Henri Huet who died in 1971 when the helicopter he and three other photographers were traveling in was shot down.


What A Wander-ful World

Although you will be traveling the whole world, travel photography will be something that you can never get tired of. You get to see new people, beautiful places, different cultures; you will never, ever get bored. If you have a company covering your travel expenses, you have found the perfect job.


Photography Plus Journalism

If you choose to become a photojournalist, you will be a visual storyteller. You click, edit, and present images to let the world know about a story in a way that no other media can.

The picture posted below, taken by Associated Press photographer Malcolm Browne, shows Buddhist monk Quang Duc’s self-immolation in 1963 in Saigon, Vietnam. He did that in protest against alleged persecution of Buddhists by the government of South Vietnam. For that click, Browne got the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting and World Press Photo of the Year in 1963.


Stick To Your Diet and Click

Food photography can be tempting. Both as a good career and an easy way to put on weight. If you manage to click wonderful pictures like the one below, you will turn a lot of heads.


You May Now Click The Bride

Wedding photography has evolved to become something more than just clicking the bride and bridegroom, and their families. You have to be very creative these days and know about all the best locations nearby to take the newlyweds to click classy pictures.



Sports photographers will be super busy the next few months as the Olympics is scheduled to happen in August. If you want to become one in the future, you can specialize in one of several categories in sports such as athletics, combat events, team events and more. And if you are lucky, you will get a picture like the one below.

Usain Bolt

Rest in peace Ali!

Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston

Can’t Sleep Photography

Seriously, if you are the kind of person who sleeps hugging a teddy you are never going to become a forensic photographer. You have to be at crime scenes, look at victims, and shoot everything that’s going to be there including things like an unidentified arm or some guy without a face. Yup, you can scroll down now.


Portrait Photography

You will be shooting a person or group of people, and the focus will be on the face. You can let the expressions of your subjects convey the message. When you are shooting family portraits, children can be a pain. But enduring it is part of your job.


Shooting Things That You Probably Will Never Wear

Fashion photography will make you be creative in the ways to display clothing and other fashion items. But you will have to have a deep knowledge about using flash and other photographic equipment, and know a lot of awesome poses as well.


Nature Photography

If you find some people’s nature unbearable, you can just walk away to a distant place which humans are yet to interfere with and start clicking. It’s good for your mind, seeing all the most beautiful places on our planet, it’s healthy being far away from the polluted places we have created, and it’s a good profession as well.


Clicking Things from Up Above

Aerial photography is something that you can do, if you are done with clicking everything from ground level or if you are not good at it. Because everything taken from a good distance above ground will look cool.


Clicking Things That Are Up Above

Astrophotography, taken during the night while there’s very little or no artificial light on the ground, will give you images to make us understand how small we are in the universe. It can also give you some time off from your spouse, unless he/she is carrying the tripod.


Pet Photography

They can bite and scratch you for being a stranger, but can be very adorable in photos. So, it is worth the trouble. But you can make them feel comfortable around you by visiting them a few times before scheduling a shoot day.


Real Estate and Architecture Photography

It’s fun when you can check out other people’s houses for free and get paid for it too. You can get in touch with real estate agents to make sure you are getting a lot of business.


Too Close Is Always Good

Macro photography is extreme close-up photography. It can reveal things that can’t be see with the naked eye. But it takes a lot of patience; If you are trying to click a bug, for example, you can’t ask it to not move.


Medical Photographer

You won’t have to be doctor for doing this job, but you will surely have to dress like one when you are in an operating room. But it’s not just about capturing surgical procedures; there’s also clicking of devices, autopsy specimens, clinical presentation of patients, and more.


Clicking for Science

Scientific photos can most of the time be really beautiful, but you might want to avoid asking the photographer about what he or she has clicked. But you should do that if you have insomnia. But jokes apart, everything about science is cool.


Photographing Vehicles

By doing this, you are going to make thousands of people think that they need a brand new car or a bike.

car photography and car photography

Street Photography

This category can be amazing. You can focus on a lot of interesting compositions involving people, animals on the road, buildings, vehicles, and more.


Get Punched in the Face, Continue Clicking

Being a paparazzi, you will get to click entertainers, politicians, athletes, and other celebrities, mostly when they are living their usual life. So there’s a big chance of your subject getting pissed off and exposing your nose to their fists before testing whether your equipment can survive a fall. So be careful around people with a bad temper. Learning Jujutsu can be helpful.


Self Control Photography

We can joke that those who are into nude photography need a lot of will power. But they are, of course, not doing their work while suppressing some perverted thoughts. They are photographers who enjoy clicking just as much as other shutterbugs out there. And they are just thinking about clicking when they are doing their jobs, I believe.


Underwater Photography

If you are going to office and hating people who can’t stop talking, this is the profession for you. But you will have to take diving lessons and invest in a lot of waterproof equipment.


Advertising Photography

The products you shoot might not be as impressive as they look in your photos, but it’s what the company wants you to do. And you do that or you are out of the game.


So, what do you think about these styles? Are you interested in any of it? Or are you into a category that’s not in the list?