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    EverBlock’s Giant Lego Bricks Make Home Decorating Child’s Play
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EverBlock’s Giant Lego Bricks Make Home Decorating Child’s Play

Lego has become more than just a company that makes the multi-colored bricks your brothers would choke on as a child. They now have a line of successful, and endlessly enjoyable video games, are working on their second major Lego Movie, and are putting out ever more complex and intricate kits for building your favorite Star Wars weapons of mass destruction. While the Lego Renaissance is a great thing, there was one place that the toy maker was falling down on the job: Useful blocks for adults. This is where giant Lego block manufacturer EverBlock found a market niche

Using huge blocks made in the interlocking Lego style, EverBlock has changed the world of furniture and interior design forever. They offer kits of various types, or block sets for build-your-own construction that gives you the chance to use the bricks as you see fit, and change them as often as you like. For an example of what can be accomplished with EverBlock, we found __ of the best creations done in the giant Lego world.

Anchor Desk

EverBlock Podium and Dais - giant legos

In a world where YouTube or video podcasts are just as likely to break news, or tell stories that CNN and Fox News won’t touch, having a way for the amateur to sit at the grown-ups table is important. From hosting panels to telling the straight dope, or starting up your own underground Daily Show, a little Lego savvy is all you need to make yourself the new Edward R. Murrow.


EverBlock Castle - giant legos

Let’s not forget that simply because these bigger blocks can be used for serious adult purposes doesn’t mean they have to be. A little whimsy and a couple of snaps lets you make your daughter (or son’s) princess dreams into a reality; anywhere you choose.

Living Room Set

EverBlock Living Room Set - giant lego

Use it for lounging, or create an ever-shifting waiting room for any clients you don’t want to be comfortable. Here you have a basic table, an ottoman, a couple of chairs, and end tables that you can tear down the second the feds find out you’re running an illegal gambling operation.

Holiday Decorations

EverBlock Menorah - giant legos

Since EverBlock comes in the same basic array of primary and secondary colors as a basic Lego bucket, it’s fairly easy to get all the hues you need to pimp out your home for the holidays. Here we see that Hanukkah is finally stepping up to the gaudy Christmas decorations with a Menorah that’s bigger than life.

Storage Shelves

EverBlock Shelves - giant lego

A nice way to decorate a kid’s room or add a little fun to your own organization, shelves are as simple as you can get when it comes to snap-to construction, but they damn sure do the job well. Sturdy but also lightweight, it’s easy to get as much or as little space as you need to feed your Tsundoku habit.


EverBlock Chair - giant legos

Heavy might be the head that wears the crown, but firm too must be the buttocks that sit the throne. If you’re looking to give yourself a chair fit for royalty, that will also inspire you to stand far more often, then a chair straight from an oversized Lego castle might be just the thing you need.


EverBlock Fireplace - giant legos

We wouldn’t recommend actually lighting a blaze in this bad boy, unless you dig the smell of burnt plastic invading your home, but should you long for a faux fireplace to add ambience to your 5th floor walk-up, or just a handy spot to put your bowling trophies, this will do it.

Room Divider

EverBlock Room Divider - giant lego


As fabulous as it is functional, adding a room divider to a studio apartment or a grand ballroom can help give a greater sense of flow, offering up the proper feng shui to keep evil spirits at bay. You can choose the color scheme and make it more private as needed; something no bead curtain will do.

Computer Desk


Computer desks are never the proper height. The way to combat this is with EverBlock’s Lego-level ingenuity. Make it as tall or as short as you need, and then just slip your favorite office chair underneath for working in blissful comfort.

Coffee Table

EverBlock Coffee Tablet - giant legos

A pane of glass or a piece of plywood is all it takes to devise a coffee table worthy of all your favorite beverages. This is a prime display of how stylish the big Lego bricks can be when used tastefully and sparingly in a home.


EverBlock Home Office - giant legos

Forget flight of fancy and decoration, you need a way to block out all the people from your home office, and let them know that this is a place of business, not some tea parlor. Make it to your specifications and add in windows for keeping an eye on the worker bees, or make it solid for keeping your private affairs secret.

Illuminated End Table

EverBlock Lighted Table - giant legos

Any home decorator will tell you that the use of light in a space can change the look dramatically. Using a few of the lighter EverBlocks and a strong LED bulb, you can create tables that glow with dizzying tints to set off your curtains, or hide the stains in your carpet.

Dining Room Table

EverBlock Dining Room Tablet - giant lego

Formal dining and dinner parties need not be a stuffy affair. Here we can see how a few minimalist blocks can slip in seamlessly with the theme of a room, and are sure to make the talk a bit more lively than the usual chatter about children and dull shop-talk.

Permeable Modular Wall

EverBlock Modular Wall - giant lego

Similar to the Room Divider method, the modular wall can help you create space stylishly, and create shelving schemes in the process. Uncluttered and uncomplicated, a rudimentary staggered design can transform your entryway, and be removed without a drop of sweat should you need to clear the floor for dancing or gunplay.


EverBlock Bar - giant lego

While you save up for that oak bar for serving up your favorite low-cal suds to your pals, this is a temporary fix that looks remarkably good and gives you all the functionality you need to keep the liquor flowing. Easy to clean and difficult to damage, you just might keep it as a permanent installation.


EverBlock Modern Art - giant legos

Nowhere is it written that what you do with your Lego-like friends needs to be functional. Adding in a touch of cubist post-modern art is a creative way to class up the joint, or give you a canvas for expressing yourself, without wasting money on actual canvas. When you get tired of it, tear it down and build something brand new.



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