By M. W. Byrne

15 of the Best Living Room Decorating Ideas For Any Home

We’ve wrangled 15 of the supremely useful living room decorating ideas to suit, accent, and amaze visitors and cohabitants alike.

Get Green

When in doubt, adding plants is often the answer. There’s no decorations that look worse with a few living things placed around.


Focus Attention

By setting a focal point – fireplaces are good for this, or a large piece of art – you can then minimalize the rest of the room to basic, bland colors intended to help the central object stand out more starkly.


Outside Inspiration

Capturing elements from the environment around your house, be it cityscape, everglades, country roads, or seaside chateau, you can meld the interior and exterior, using the view from your window as inspiration.


Soothing Hues

One of the fastest ways to reach that is by decorating wholly in colors that put your mind at peace. Blues and greens usually accomplish this, though some people will prefer lavender and burgundy.


Sweep It Up

A large area rug with a simple pattern helps tie a room together by creating a blank canvas that weaves into and out of the other objects in the room, creating a sense of cohesion.



Chairs chop up a room into multiple isolated little islands whereas opting for large sofas or sectionals can provide ample sitting space that has a more inclusive feel. 


Layer Up

An easy way to start is go low with a large rug, then hang plants high, with a set of couches done in relaxing colors at your mid.