By M. W. Byrne

16  Life-Saving, Fascinating Facts About Sharks

Anyone who wants to swim more safely, enjoy the ocean’s dwellers, and abate some of the fear these powerful creatures inspire will find it takes almost nothing to enjoy paddling alongside our finny friends. Here’s everything you need to know.

Likelihood of Being Attacked By a Shark:  1 in 3,748,067

To give you perspective, death by lightning is 1 in 79,746. Death by fireworks is 1 in 340,733. Death by drowning while you’re worried about the shark: 1 in 1,134. More people are shot by toddlers every year than killed by sharks.


Sharks Are Cleaners

The job of sharks is mostly to kill off diseased or wounded fish. While cruel, this avoids diseases from proliferating in the water, where disease can easily travel. They’re filters of an evolutionary sort and thus, hugely necessary to the oceanic ecosystem.


We’re The Killers

Approximately 6 people per year are killed in shark attacks. We human beings, simultaneously, kill 100 million sharks.


Most Sharks Are Completely Harmless

Of the 500 species of shark, there’s only a scant 30 species that have ever attacked a human. Of those 30, only three have ever been known to kill a person.


Sharks Aren’t That Into You

Even among the shark species that might be considered “dangerous” to humans, the fact is that they want a fish that isn’t going to struggle.


We’re Aliens To Them

Sharks often don’t know what to make of us, since we only exist in tiny parts of their world. So, they do what sharks do and they bite.


Even “Shark Attacks” Often Aren’t

Sharks have never been known to set out and specifically attack humans. They often avoid people, but curiosity drives some to investigate us.