By M. W. Byrne

17 Manly Home Decorating Tips for Guys Who Are Clueless

The problem most men face is that trying to make a home attractive seems too complicated for our little minds and requires knowing what words like “pelmet” and “wainscot.” Well, we’ve simplified it down with these 17 home decorating tips for men.

Go Vintage

This is a thematic choice that can save your bacon. As you choose furniture and decorations, anything that has a vintage or antique vibe is going to look stylized and intentional.


Start with Comfort

Find stuff that makes you feel completely comfortable. It’s easy enough to change how something looks, but altering how it feels is a whole other animal


Get Heavy

One of the major cornerstones of masculine decorating is to add weight to the items you choose. The heavier something is, or the heavier it looks, the more machismo it seems to carry with it.


Hide Your Sins

Given a nice lacquer, the most disheveled end table or armoire can be revived. Just because it looks worn doesn’t mean it should look cheap and abused.


Less is More

Minimalism is a good place to start for a guy new to decorating their home. You avoid a cluttered look by sticking to a few basic items and few accents.


Show Off Yourself

If you’re doing the decorating, then hombre, this space is yours and yours alone. If you like planes, or technology, or music, or whatever, show that off. 


War Room Your Walls

Maps, flags, charts, and anything you might see in the background of any spy movie or battle film is a handy way to put something on your walls to avoid negative space.