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    Literary Elitists Love These 9 Bookshelves
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Literary Elitists Love These 9 Bookshelves

A home is just a house without a bookshelf. Add in that one magical piece of furniture, and suddenly your abode has class and smarts. The literary unit elevates discarded jackets and dirty dishes, lending them an air of absent minded professor. It soothes obsessive tidiness out of neat freak territory and into that of on-point intellectual. Whatever your game, whatever your interests, a set of shelves with a few of your favorite books brings it all together.

If you don’t yet have a surface on which to proudly parade your fine taste in cheap paperbacks, or your collectible leather bound beauties, read on. These shelves are beautiful and artistic statement pieces and sturdy places to store your abundance of books.

Umbra Conceal Floating Shelves


An innovative design, the Umbra Floating Bookshelves make it appear as if your books are levitating unsupported against the wall. Constructed of powder coated steel, the award winning rack is shaped like an L, with the lower lip sitting inside the cover of the bottom book on your stack, invisible to the casual observer. A second, smaller, lip holds the cover and prevents it from flapping open, giving the illusion of a weightless library.

The piece is available in a variety of sizes, with the smallest supporting up to 5 lbs of books while the largest can handle up to 30 lbs. The Umbra Floating Bookshelf is a great conversation piece and an eye catching addition to any room. Purchase

Spine Wall Bookshelf


Reversing the typical book display design of two sides supporting a board between them, the Spine Wall Bookshelf instead has a single column running up the backs of the shelves in a modern twist of simple elegance.

This item is constructed of painted wood, easy to install and space efficient. Available in black or white, it is perfect for displaying the tomes you want to be noticed. Designed to draw the eye naturally inward, this is a beautiful piece that points attention right to the books upon it, rather than distracting with ornate detail. Purchase

Round Metal and Wood Honeycomb


A fun wall accent, or storage for your beekeeping manuals, the Wood Honeycomb shelf lends pastoral charm to any abode.

An iron and chicken wire exterior perfectly complements and structurally supports the hexagonal wooden interior. Each individual cubby is 8 inches high, and the entire construction is a little more than 26.5 inches in diameter, big enough to make a statement but small enough that it doesn’t take over the room. For displaying knickknacks or a small library, this shelf is a honey of a choice. Purchase

Goodwin 5-Level Modern Bookshelf


The Braxton Modern delights the eye with its fresh design and dark faux wood grained paper veneer. 70 inches high, 47 inches wide, and 11 inches deep, this piece is an excellent addition to any modular home. Featuring an engineered wood frame and 5 staggered levels with dividers on each level, it is the perfect display for your collection of post-modern classics. Purchase

Roboshelf Bookcase

Marketed to the younger generation, the Roboshelf is sure to spark a lively conversation in any setting. Put it in the play room to encourage literacy, or keep it in the bat cave to display your comic books and classic sci-fi.

Standing 29 inches wide by 53 inches high and painted a glossy silver, the Roboshelf is crafted of low emission engineered wood and finished off with nylon glides to protect your hardwood floor. 7 sections with built-in dividers help to organize your collection, while the side details add charm and character. Asimov never had it so good. Purchase

Revolving Bookcase


This beauty of a display is crafted of MDF and sap gum wood. The shelves are attached with bore-and-dowel joinery along side tongue-and-groove, then the entire unit is hand finished for a truly superior piece.

The Revolving Bookcase stands 70 inches high and 26 inches wide. 42 fixed cubbies in 5 different sizes allow you to arrange your library to ultimate convenience, and the 360 degree swivel mobility conserves space in an innovative and beautiful fashion, transforming your paperbacks’ bench into a carousel of literature. Purchase

Wood Farmhouse Barn Door Bookcase



The Wood Farmhouse Barn Door Bookcase lends an agrarian feel to the most urbane of dwellings, bringing the charm of the farmyard into the comfort of your home. Taking inspiration from the utilitarian construct of the farm buildings in rural America, the Barn Door evokes Tom Sawyer and Laura Engles Wilder with its very existence.

Crafted of distressed solid wood and finished in burnt alder, this stable stands 80 inches high by 96 inches wide. It has two sliding barn doors on rollers, and four adjustable and removable shelves for a unit customizable to house your particular herd of volumes.

Modway Headway 10-Shelf Bookcase With Ladder


With a cast iron frame and solid stained pine shelves, the Headway 10 Shelf Bookcase combines the rugged and the literary with welded perfection. Reminiscent of modern scaffolding, even including a ladder to climb when your high rise books are out of reach, the Headway Bookcase is the epitome of industrial chic.

Standing 90 inches high by 84 inches wide, the Headway comes ready to construct, a progressive addition to your stylish home. Purchase

Boston 5-Piece Library Wall Unit


A truly luxurious home library demands the Boston 5 Piece Library Wall Unit. Crafted from poplar solids and birch veneers, with the choice between white paint or a Merlot finish and an optional interlocking ladder rail system, this is one beast of a wall-adornment.

The five a la carte pieces of the Boston Library Wall Unit bolt together for a solid hold. The goliath stands 94.5 inches high and runs 130 inches wide when fully assembled. Open shelving above is complemented by the designer look of the shutter panels below, and can be configured as an entertainment unit for your home theater needs.

For the library that just won’t stop, this is part of the larger Boston collection. Every piece in the unit is also sold individually, resulting in infinite shelving possibilities. Purchase