By M. W. Byrne

18 Best Weekender Bags for Men; Going Far, Wide, and Deep

So you don’t need to endure the hellish nightmare of trying to make do with the wrong tote, we jumped on jets, went car camping, attended endless meetings, and ultimately discovered the 18 best weekender bags for men who need a sack that’s suitable for all occasions.

H&M Cotton Canvas Weekend Bag

Pretty, Cheap: A tiny drop in the monetary bucket when compared and contrasted with many of the items on this list.


Fred Perry Men’s Classic Barrel Bag

Dominatrix: That shiny black exterior is pure PVC that won’t let the smells, wetness, or sins of the world find their way inside.


Beckel Canvas Products War Bag

Grab & Go: Made to be the maximum size allowed on most airlines, the War Bag doesn’t waste space with pretty accoutrements, but offers up a hefty satchel for weekend warriors. 


Herschel Novel Duffle

Thinking Man’s: A quaint shoe compartment like a gym bag where you can also stash a flask or two starts off this masterpiece with a bang. 


Everlane The Twill Weekender

Battered Hero: Twill is the thinking man’s answer to denim. Like a quality carry-on, this can go into the most restrictive overhead compartment, resisting water at every turn to keep your gear and goods safe as houses.


Owen & Fred Work Hard, Play Hard Duffel Bag

Sensible Style: Owen & Fred ride the fence between the steady workmanship you’ll find in quality American products, along with the dapper appearance that denotes many European imports.


Fjallraven Duffel No.4

Inside, Out: Probably the most versatile bag on this list, the No. 4 has an unassuming moniker that hides a Swiss Army knife mentality. 


Nixon Holdem Duffle Weekender Bag

Back to Basics: Not only does Nixon design their bags to the nines, they also put in as much time testing as they do constructing.