By M. W. Byrne

20 Best Nerf Guns to Arm Yourself for Cubicle Combat

For over thirty years, Nerf has been supplying arms to bored office workers the world over. In this article, we will look at the best Nerf guns for your office arsenal to help make that 9-5 shift a little more bearable. 

Nerf Machine Gun | Stampede ECS-50

Rapid Response: Fully automatic, the ECS-50 will crank out three rounds per second, without requiring that you load up and cock the gun.


Nerf Blaster | Zombie Strike Doominator

Cock ‘n’ Rock: A best-in-class Nerf blaster for the sheer joy of destruction it imparts upon the wielder.


N-Strike Elite Nerf Gun | RapidStrike CS-18

No Waiting: Four darts a second make this even faster than the Stampede listed above, though you’ll encounter a few jamming issues as a trade-off for dealing damage with such speed.


Nerf Disc Blaster | Vortex Praxis

Quick Change: Rather than using foam darts like most Nerf blaster models, the Praxis loads up with green discs that enhance accuracy and carrying capacity.


Nerf Pistol |  Elite Triad EX-3

Against the Wall: There’s a couple of Nerf pistol weapons smaller than the Triad, but each carries a single shot; not ideal in a no-win scenario.


Nerf Bow Blaster | Elite Mega Thunderbow

Robin Hood: The Thunderbow combines range, accuracy, and portability in a way that would make Daryl Dixon think about ditching the cross for a longbow.


Nerf Ball Gun | Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster

Death Dealer: The Rival line of Nerf is intended for older kids, which is why it’s ok that it pops out 40 balls in 11 seconds at 70 mph each.