By M. W. Byrne

17 Shire-Inspired Hobbit Homes Worthy of Bag End

Today, we’re taking a look at 17 Hobbit Homes located around the world to grow your bucket list broader than Bombur’s belt.

Simon Dale’s Hobbit Home

One of the most famous hobbit holes ever made was crafted by hand on rented property by a man named Simon Dale.


The Undercroft Hobbit House

The current dwelling of Simon Dale, The Undercroft is a slight variation on his original hobbit theme, where he learned from his mistakes and devised an even more impressive house using the same Tolkienesque design cues.


Hobbiton New Zealand

The rolling hills are perfect grazing fields for the local flocks, and has been opened up for just that purpose. Classic New Zealand to make room for sheep!


Wooden Wonders Hobbit House

What if you could have a hobbit home on your own property? Family-owned Wooden Wonders lets you do just that, with options to build a chicken coop, shed, or even a cottage in the style of a hobbit hole.


The Shire of Montana

For a scant $245 a night, this Shire reproduction crafted by Steve Michaels and his wife Christine can be yours. 


Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse

Duck inside one of these Earth Houses built by the Vetsch Architektur firm and you’ll be treated to domed ceilings, wide luxurious floorplans, and space to spare littered with modern conveniences.


The Dune House

Made in 1975 with no direct intention of emulating Tolkien’s description of The Shire, William Morgan’s Dune House nonetheless conjures up images of the squat residents of Middle Earth.