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By Justin JustusOCT 5, 2021

10 Modern PrefabCabins

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1. Koto x Abodu Cabin

Koto has teamed up with Abodu to introduce a Californian twist to Scandinavian simplicity.

With less than $200,000, you will get an entire cabin complete with modernized furnishing and quality appliances-all in just two weeks

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2. Ark-Shelter

The minimalistic design and construction of the Ark-Shelter will allow you to live in harmony with nature.

With no fixed foundations, you can set it up wherever you want (in just two days). This house features a living area, a sleeping room, and a kitchen. Or you can customize it to add a sauna?

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3. Cabin One

Cabin One homes are pre-assembled and delivered to your preferred site as a single unit. 

Yyou can customize them to fit your personal preferences. They are made from sustainable materials and include a kitchen, bedroom area, one bathroom, intelligent storage solutions, and built-in appliances.

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4. Avrame DUO Series

The Avrame DUO comes in an A-frame.

Its eye-catching design gives it a unique aesthetic quality, which is sure to turn heads. You have to choose from among four different floorplans.

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5. Node’s Trillium Series

Node’s vision: create eco-friendly homes, consequently a greener planet.

They are passionate about sustainability, and their cabins are built with non-toxic materials.

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6. Backcountry Hut Company

Backcountry Hut Company won the Canadian Architect Award of Excellence in 2016 for its housing designs.

If you value environmental conservation, you will appreciate the company’s zero waste policy and its commitment to using space and energy efficiently.

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7. Monocabin

The Monocabin is a baby of Mandalaki Studio in Rhodes, Greece.

Mission: create a functional cabin with the least impact on the environment as possible and thus adopts a minimalist design while constructing using sustainable material such as hemp walls

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8. Everywhere Shelter Co. Ayfraym Cabin

Unlike other cabin options on this list, the Everywhere Shelter Co. Ayfraym cabins are not modular.

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9. M.A.DI. Home Flatpack

M.A.DI. Home offers fast installation providing you with a premium modular home after 8 to 15 days on-site.

Their homes are comfortable and adaptable and will align with your vision and budget.

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10. Indigo by Woonpioniers

Construct your personalized prefab cabin with more freedom than ever before for customization.

The Indigo cabin by Woonpioniers features a ‘’moment-fixed’’ bend, creating more options in floor plan division.