By Alex Laybourne

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: 26 Types of Sharks (with Pictures)

This article will look at 26 different types of sharks that live in our seas. We’ll highlight some of the biggest, scariest, weirdest, and rarest shark species known to man.

Greenland Shark – A Gentle Giant

The Greenland shark is a remarkable animal. Not only is it hardy enough to call the Arctic ocean its primary home, but it has a lifespan that seems impossible.


Salmon Shark – Cousin to the King

Another shark that calls the Arctic Ocean its home is the Salmon shark. While it is more commonly found in the North Pacific, it has a penchant for cooler water and has a much smaller range than the other sharks on this list.


Whale Shark – The Gentle Giant

The Whale shark is the biggest type of shark we know about that is still alive today. 


Hammerhead Shark – The Moose of the Sea

The Hammerhead shark is a tricky one to add to the list because there are many types of hammerhead sharks.


Mako Shark – Speed Demon

The mako shark is the fastest type of shark–and an apex predator thanks to it.


Bull Shark – The Pitbull of the Sea

Nicknamed the pitbull of the sea, the bull shark is an aggressive shark that has no problem attacking humans.