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    Yurt Tent: Why Yurts Have Taken the Camping World by Storm
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Yurt Tent: Why Yurts Have Taken the Camping World by Storm

If you are thinking about going camping this summer then you need to consider investing in a yurt tent. Keep reading to see why this is the must-have camping tent.

Yurt Tent

Yurt tents, which are similar to tipis, are a fantastic option for camping. Like the tipi, a yurt can be transported to different campsites and provide you with a weatherproof structure with enough room to sleep a large family.

In this article, we’re going to go over why yurts make excellent glamping tents and some of the amazing companies that you can purchase your new yurt from.

What Is a Yurt Tent?

Originally, over 8,000 years ago, ancient Mongolian tribes lived in dwellings called yurts. A yurt is a circular tent that they could easily dismantle, move, and erect all over Eurasia.

What is a Yurt Tent

The Mongolians who lived in yurts were nomads and regularly upped and moved their lives. Their constant need to be on the move meant they needed accommodation that could also move with them. 

Another huge factor they had to think about was the weather. The weather throughout Eurasia ranges from one extreme to the other. That’s why the traditional yurt tent has a circular design. This allows it to take on the wind from any direction. Along with this, they constructed the yurt with wood that was woven together to form lattice-style walls. 

Don't Confuse a Yurt Tent with a Bell Tent

The traditional tent had fabric tent walls that they made from animal hide or wool felt. Wool felt was a particularly good material to use as the pressed wool acted as an incredible insulator. 

The size of a yurt tent will vary based on the number of people living inside. Some tents can hold five people, and others up to fifteen, and this is partly the reason why they’re great for camping.

We have gone into more details about the yurt, its history, and construction in our article What is a Yurt? A guide to the Ancient Mongolian Shelter.

Why Are They Good for Camping?

Although dwellers originally used the yurt thousands of years ago, they’re still a popular structure today. Especially in the glamping world. If you’ve never heard of glamping, it is essentially camping, but glam. Hence the name, glamping. 

A More Sturdy Version of a Bell Tent

People describe glamping as when nature meets modern luxury. The ultimate camping experience, with the comfort of electricity and a soft squishy bed. Many companies have utilized the traditional yurt to create breathtaking glamping experiences all across the globe. 

So, why is camping in a yurt so amazing? Well, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider camping in a yurt.


Spacious Enough for a Camp With Friends

If you’ve ever been regular camping, then you’ll know how cramped a tent can be. Some are so small that you can’t even stand upright. And some have limited space, so you’re practically sleeping on top of all your bags.

With a yurt, you have ample amounts of space for yourself, your belongings, and even the whole family. A camping yurt tent can come in a range of different sizes and usually include bedroom furniture, a seating area, and a kitchen. 


A Tent that Let's You Camp in Comfort and Style

Regular camping, if you’re lucky, may include a blow-up mattress. If you’re not lucky, then you could end up sleeping directly on the ground with only a sleeping bag underneath you.

Glamping yurts, on the other hand, come equipped with full-sized beds, pillows, and comforters. 

The appeal of camping luxury is a sign you need to get yourself a yurt/bell tent.

Cooking Appliances

Complete With Cooking Gear

The modern canvas tent yurts that are widely used for camping even have areas for cooking. The Mongolians originally had wood stoves in their yurt to not only cook but also heat the tent. This feature is still relevant today, so say goodbye to the possibility of cooking out in the rain and hello to the nice warm and dry kitchen in a yurt. 

Weather Resistant

A New Type of Tent Designed to be Waterproof

The waterproof canvas materials used in modern yurt tents hold up extremely well against a range of different weather conditions. They can tackle everything from strong winds and rain to snow and freezing temperatures. 


A Durable Canvas Glamping Tent

A Yurt is one of those hardy camping accessories and can last for several years, even when they’re constantly used. Canvas tents of this type are particularly sturdy, so they’re a great investment if you’re thinking of purchasing one.

Top 3 Best Yurt Tents for Camping

Now that we’ve covered why a yurt is such a great camping tent option let’s get into 3 of the best yurt camping tents on the market.

Danchel Outdoor Canvas Yurt Tent

Danchel Outdoor Canvas Yurt Tent
via Amazon

Danchel Outdoors produced a hybrid yurt/bell tent that features mesh windows and a mesh door. 

The lightweight design of the tent makes it great for camping as you can easily transport it all over the country. 

Although the shapes are slightly different, bell tents such as this one are in the more affordable price range, so it is a great option if you don’t want to commit to an expensive, more permanent yurt. 

Their yurt had four roof vents, a stove jack, and roll-up sides walls to put you at one with nature.

via Elius Books

GoYurt is a yurt building company in Portland, Oregon, that specializes in traditional yurt tents. 

They have taken the traditional yurt structure and adapted it with modern engineering to produce beautiful yurt designs that can be dismantled and transported to different locations. 

Their yurts consist of lattice woven walls and a 100% cotton marine-grade canvas. And although the company is working on creating larger models, they currently only stock a 13′ diameter mushroom-shaped yurt with wall heights of 5’8”. Don’t worry, all you tall people out there, once you install the roof, you’ll have a standing height of 8’3”.

White Duck Canvas Bell Tent

White Duck Canvas Bell Tents and Accessories
via Silodrome

White Duck has also produced a tent that is similar to the yurt, but like the Danchel Outdoor Tent, it is more of a canvas bell tent style.

The White Duck tent includes a built-in stove jack, which is typical of a traditional yurt, but it doesn’t have the lattice-style walls that you’d see normally.

Yurt Tents: Conclusion

The Yurt tent is loved by many all over the globe, and thanks to its new glamping title, it won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon.

As we come to a close, we’d love to know, are you intrigued by yurt tents? Or do you already have one in your collection? If so, let us know down in the comment section below!