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    Best A Frame Cabin: 10 Prefab Home Kits to Help You Commune with Nature
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Best A Frame Cabin: 10 Prefab Home Kits to Help You Commune with Nature

If you are looking for a top-quality A frame cabin, this review is for you. Here are 10 of the best designs available in the current market from as little as $21,000.

Best A Frame Cabin Prefab Homes

Arguably A-frame homes are the most iconic architectural housing styles. They have been around for centuries and are still wildly popular to date.

An A frame cabin’s steeply pitched roof gives it a relaxed rustic vibe, making it a perfect vacation home. Furthermore, the timeless designs of such homes make them fast and inexpensive to build, not to mention resilient to just about all weather elements.

A great cabin design and great outdoor adventures go hand in hand. One of the key reasons people use prefab cabin kits to build vacation resorts is that they stand steady even on rugged landscapes.

Better still, you don’t have to build your own house from scratch. With a prefab A frame kit, you can assemble your home and have it ready for occupation in a matter of weeks.

Yes, YOU can afford to build your own house. Take a look at these amazing A frame cabin plans:

“Prefab A Frame Cabin” Defined

The term prefab stands for prefabricated. As you may have guessed, this means that an entire structure or part of it is manufactured and designed offsite in a factory. It is then shipped to the building site for fast and convenient assembly.

Prefabricated cabin houses are just as robust as their traditional counterparts. They feature reliable and durable materials such as cross-laminated timber.

The only difference between prefabs and traditional cabins is that the former is made using innovative building materials and techniques.

Best A Frame Cabin: 10 Top Rated Models to Consider

A frame cabin kits have been around for decades. In the 50s and 60s, only a few companies such as SEARS distributed such homes across Europe and North America. Today, there are hordes of manufacturers.

If you are searching for well-designed, strong, aesthetically appealing, and durable A frame cabin kits, these 10 models on our list will not disappoint.

1. Foldable Prefab A-frame Cabin by MADI

Foldable Prefab A-frame Cabin by MADI

Imagine receiving an A frame cabin that you can put together in just a few hours. If this sounds like a dream come true to you, you must consider the Foldable Prefab A-frame Cabin by MADI.

This is a flat pack A-frame cabin robust enough to last for years and even survive tough conditions, including earthquakes. The model comes with just about everything you need to build a tiny but functional prefabricated home. 

Included in the package is everything you need to assemble (read unfold) the house and fix the electricity, plumbing, and AC. According to M.A.DI., it’s enough to place your unit on level ground, even without a foundation.

2. The Ayfraym Tiny

The Ayfraym Tiny

If you are searching for a DIY A frame cabin, you may want to check out the Ayfraym Tiny. It covers a floor space of 1600 square feet and boasts a design inspired by the 1960s vacation homes.

With large windows for adequate natural lighting and a vaulted ceiling, this prefab A frame cabin feels spacious and cozy.

If you are interested in this tiny home, the first step is to contact Everywhere and order your planning box. It comes with just about everything you need for the planning phase, including digital and hardcopy construction plans, materials schedules, and a timber framing plan, just to mention a few.

This is a prefab cabin kit designed for ease of installation. Even though you have the option of contracting the Everywhere team to help you with assembly, it’s easy to go DIY and handle the assembly in a few weeks.

3. Avrame Duo 100

Avrame Duo 100

Avrame is a leading company in producing top-notch yet affordable, efficient, and comfortable tiny houses. If you are looking for prefab cabin kits that allow assembly by just two people, the Avrame Duo 100 may be perfect for you.

The cabin offers a floor space of 613 square feet, giving you just enough room to set up your humble abode in the woods.

Like all cabin models from Avrame, the Duo 100 features full windows for proper natural lighting. While this home is tiny, it’s big enough to accommodate one bedroom and one bathroom on the ground floor and extra sleeping space in the loft.

However, the model scopes the most bragging points because of its insulated panels for enhanced energy efficiency.

4. Avrame Trio 100

Avrame Trio 100

As we mentioned, Avrame is a superior brand in building tiny homes. Well, the Avrame Trio 100 is not so tiny and is ideal for bigger families.

With this model, you get floor space of 1047 square feet. Even with the typical inclined ceiling, the prefab A frame house offers ample open-space interiors for the ultimate outdoor resort.

One thing we loved about this cabin is that it offers plenty of storage space. The living room’s width is about 20 feet, meaning you have about 530 cubic feet of hidden space on the ground floor.

With a few custom modifications, you can turn these empty spaces into storage areas for your camping paraphernalia.

5. Bivvi Portable A-Frame Cabin

Bivvi Portable A-Frame Cabin

Next on the list is an A-frame cabin on the wheels. The Bivvi Portable A-Frame Cabin is perfect for anyone that wants to enjoy the perks of having an A-frame nature resort without the inconvenience of having to set down permanent roots.

This house offers 80 square feet of interior space and is big enough to hold a full-size bed.

Don’t be fooled by the small size of this cabin. It is a strong structure with plywood and pine-lined interiors. Better still, it features robust insulation to ensure your comfort during extreme weather conditions.

Whether you want to set up the structure in your backyard and use it as a workshop or want to upgrade your campground adventures, this is a cabin we highly recommend.

6. Nolla A-Frame Cabin Kit

Nolla A-Frame Cabin Kit

Yet another top-rated A frame cabin kit is the Nolla cabin kit. The entire structure is the size of a small bedroom, and it features a glass front.

This gives you a direct view of your surroundings and enhances the appearance of your interiors. Generally, this is an innovatively designed cabin that proves zero impact living is possible.

The small size of the cabin makes it possible to transport it without having to use heavy machinery. One unique aspect of the structure is that it is not assembled using screws. You need to piece it up together like a puzzle, and voila! You have your nature resort.

Another great feature is the adjustable pedestals. They allow you to set up your cabin in just about any terrain. Users also enjoy the convenience of being able to replicate any parts with ease using wood.

The Nolla has no special parts, making it easy to handle repairs in person if need be.

7. Lushana Villa Green

Lushana Villa Green

Lushana is well-known for its eco-friendly prefab cabin kits. One of the brand’s best A frame is the Lushana Villa Green. This is just the structure you need to take your glamping adventures to the next level.

One of the highlights of the model is the green canopy roof that allows you to build your discreet bedroom in nature.

This tiny house camouflages with the surroundings to make your sleeping quarters in sync with nature. Yet another outstanding feature is the panoramic glass wall that gives you the feel of sleeping outdoors.

You can watch the stars at night or even the wild from a safe distance from the chamber. What more could an outdoor enthusiast want?

8. A45 Tiny House by Klein & BIG

A45 Tiny House by Klein & BIG

Next on the list is an angular cabin with a sleek design. The A45 Tiny House by Klein & BIG is not like regular A frame cabin kits because of its exceptional architectural design.

While the structure measures a floor space of a mere 180 square feet, it features a mammoth sense of style. The classic A-frame cabin rotates to 45 degrees, creating more usable interior space.

With the unique and exquisite design, the walls of the cabin soar high up to 13 feet. Unlike the average A-frame homes, this one assumes a crystal-like shape.

The exterior shape changes depending on your viewpoint. For instance, it looks like a cubical unit from one angle and aspire from another direction. This model also grabs some serious bragging points because of its Nordic interior aesthetics.

9. Den A-Frame Cabin Kit

Den A-Frame Cabin Kit

If you want to set up a nature resort in the US or in Canada, there are good reasons to consider investing in the Den A-Frame Cabin Kit. First, the unit comes with components neatly cut with CNC precision for a quick setup in one long weekend.

Secondly, you will receive all the building hardware you need, ensuring you don’t have to make trips to the local hardware stores.

If you are looking for a full-sized, cozy holiday rental that comes with all modern amenities, this model may not be ideal for you. However, it is perfect for anyone looking to build a small holiday rental or overnight retreat.

Before you invest in the cabin, beware that it doesn’t contain a bathroom or running water.

10. Lushana Villa Massive

Lushana Villa Massive

Lushana cabins are making waves in the industry. As we wrap up our reviews, we had to list one more A-frame cabin from the brand—the Lushana Villa Massive.

This model stands out for its spacious interiors that can fit a king-size bed. Moreover, the cabin comes equipped with power plugins and lighting for added convenience.

Another outstanding feature is the eco wood fiber insulation. This makes the structure perfect for camping, irrespective of the time of the year.

According to the brand, this is a four-season product capable of ensuring your comfort irrespective of whether it is snowing, rainy, windy, or sunny outside.

Like other models from the brand, this structure also features a full panoramic window wall, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings. At the price, you are assured of enjoying optimal bang for your buck.

Don’t Buy an A Frame Cabin until You Know the Pros and Cons

If you are a back-to-nature seeker, an A frame cabin is one of the best assets you can invest in. Modern units like the ones listed in our review are versatile, comfortable, and visually appealing.

Here are other key benefits of A frame cabin kits:

  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Affordable with available options for every budget
  • Iconic architecture for unrivaled aesthetics
  • Adaptable to a range of uses
  • Widely available building and structure modification plans
  • Strong and secure structure
  • Proper insulation for enhanced energy efficiency

The above are merely the top benefits of building an A frame cabin. But before you dig into your wallet and purchase a unit, you may want to be sure that you totally love it.

Here are the three main cons of A frame cabins:

No External Walls

The first disadvantage of investing in prefab cabin kits is that they don’t feature the traditional vertical external walls. Whether this is a major issue is highly subjective. From an interior design perspective, the lack of vertical walls may make the room less spacious.

Fortunately, A frame cabins compensate for this disadvantage by providing open space interiors. With large, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, your small space will still feel impressively spacious beyond what its square footage implies.

The Roof Is Steep (You Can’t Step On It)

One of the main features of an A frame building is the inclined walls. They also double as the unit’s roof from the exteriors. Hence, stepping on the roof will be nearly impossible.

A frame cabins are crafted using top-notch materials. This limits the need for routine roofing upgrades. The steep roof may pose as a con, although it also has some advantages. If you cannot stand on the roof, neither will snow.

The inclined design of the roof ensures smooth clearing of weather elements. Another added benefit is that they provide the perfect surface for your solar panels!

No Conventional Storage Areas

Your humble abode in the woods may not have room to install a traditional wardrobe. However, there is still plenty of free space in the area where the roof meets with the floor.

It should not be challenging to create adequate storage room for your clothes, food, and even your hunting gear with a little creativity.

What Are Your A Frame Cabin Plans?

Finding the best A frame cabin cannot be simpler with our detailed review.

We have listed a range of models from reputable companies known for their efficient, durable, and well-engineered units. You’ll be lucky to lay your hands on any of these cabins but don’t forget that each has its pros and cons.

If you are pressed for time and need a spacious nature resort, go ahead and pick the Ayfraym Tiny because it ticks all the right boxes. You will enjoy lots of space and will love its stylish design. But if you are looking for something iconic without the need for much space, the A45 Tiny House by Klein & BIG is your best bet.

Have you ever experienced any of the A frame cabins we have reviewed? Or are you considering buying or building one yourself? Tell us about it in a comment below–we’d love to hear about your plans to build your own house!