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18 Holiday Gifts That Will Suit Anyone

You love the people in your life, but you don’t always have the time and money to show them how much. Add in the pressure of the holiday shopping season, and you’re probably so burned out the idea of one more present sickens you. We hear that. Which is why we found these 18 thoughtful, helpful items you can give without the need to go over the hill and through the woods.


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Though not ideal for anyone who is worried about being tracked by Big Brother, the Echo and digital assistant Alexa have become immensely popular for those who are seeking interconnected homes. Anyone on your gift list who loves interconnectedness and talking to an empty room will enjoy the lazy majesty of an Echo. Purchase: $80

Ontario Rat II

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A solid EDC knife is a requirement for ordinary life. Anyone who doesn’t keep a blade by their side can use this excellent, but inexpensive piece of kit. Using reliable AUS-8 steel with nylon grips, it paramilitary grade at a bargain bin price. Purchase: $26

Sun Basket

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Subscription boxes are among the best gifts you can give, because they take the issue out of your hands. Meal plans are even better, as they help inspire new culinary delights, greater control over each meal, a creative way to learn cooking, and tastes that are better than restaurant-grade. They’re downright homemade. Purchase: Varies by Plan

Moshi’s Digits

via thegadgetflow.com

Cold weather comes with the holiday season in the northern hemisphere of the world, and that means we need to bundle up our weak bodies. But we still need to use our phones, tablets, touchscreen monitors that we’re operating in a warehouse with no heat, and a fourth example. To stay warm and still scroll like a guru, you need responsive touchscreen gloves that are also warm as mama’s hand-knit socks. Purchase: $30

Smartwool Base Layers

via verticalgear.co.uk

Ideal for campers and hikers, but also helpful for any person hoping to survive the winter, the merino wool used by Smartwool wicks moisture away perfectly, evaporates it quickly, feels good for all day wear, and traps heat so you’re never left out in the cold. Purchase: $75-$120+

MegaPro 13-in-1 Screwdriver

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Expensive for a screwdriver, without a doubt, but also a lifetime purchase. The ratcheting action on the MegaPro makes short work of the toughest screws, handles any head shape, switches between loosening and tightening with a flick, and can be used without any ratcheting at all. It’s the best, and belongs in every home. Purchase: $32

Weego 22s

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A set of jumper cables that can also turn your engine over isn’t a sexy gift. Instead, it’s an item that could save the life of your loved ones. Technically, it could also save the life of your enemy, but we don’t suggest giving gifts to your enemy. Though their face might fall when they unwrap it, watch them light up when it rescues them. Purchase: $60

NStrike Elite Rampage

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Someone in your life needs a Nerf gun. Among the wide arsenal of boffo weaponry that Nerf has produced, the Elite Rampage offers the best balance of mobility, concealment, rapid fire, simplistic design, and excellent aim. It’s the cornerstone of any spongy armament package, whether going to a niece, child, spouse, or unarmed grandparent who thinks they’re too old for fun. Purchase: $59

Wacom Intuos Draw

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Artists can only get so far with pen and paper these days. Paint and canvas are likewise falling out of favor. The future of art is online, but drawing with a mouse is like trying to write your name with your teeth. Underwater. Upside down. Without a pencil. Using the Draw pad, artists can easily get their pictures uploaded, rendered, and kept for digital eternity. Purchase: Varies


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Especially helpful for cord cutters looking to dump their cable or satellite television, the Roku has climbed into the driver’s seat of streaming sticks. Plug it in, and let it run. Purchase: Varies

Loot Crate

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Another subscription service, this time geared toward fun rather than food, Loot Crate provides a wide selection of box types, with one almost surely perfect for some geek in your life. Purchase: Varies

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

via lizzysfreshcoffee.com

You could order a subscription of coffee to be delivered, but we think the longer-lasting mug is the better choice. Ideally insulated to keep hot and cold where they belong for long hours, with an easy flip-top lid for one-handed sipping, this is the commuter coffee cup of choice. Purchase: $40

Travelpro Platinum Magna 2

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Getting something for the person who’s been everywhere is a steep hill to climb. They return with trinkets and baubles from faraway lands where McDonald’s serves curry. You’re not going to impress them with domestic fare, so merely support their country-hopping habit by giving them the finest piece of carry-on luggage crafted by human hands. The ideal overhead bin or under seat size, with loads of pockets, locks, and intelligent organization that allows jet-setters to cram every last inch with more gifts. Purchase: $170-$430

Kurgo Tru-Fit

via chewy.com

Dog collars might not be technically inhumane, but no one enjoys a noose around their neck. The Tru-Fit avoids the tracheal pitfalls and aims instead at providing a secure and effective way to keep your pet nearby. Variable sizes and adjustment features allow it to span pets, be they generational or living in your home at the same time. Purchase: $20

Papago GoSafe 535

via dmediagroup.hk

Automobiles are one of the leading causes of death in developed and semi-developed nations, because a lot can go wrong in a vehicle. Hit and run accidents, dangerous drivers, road raging motorists, distracted operators, and old-fashioned highway scumbags all wait ready to assault you behind the wheel. While you can’t stop them, you can help the people in your life monitor these risks. Should something go wrong, the footage can help settle insurance claims, police cases, and gives a way to capture bad highway behavior. This way, everything is on the record. Purchase: $232

Rain Design iLevel 2

via engadget.com

It’s only after purchasing a laptop riser desk that it becomes clear how important they are. Those who work, play, or live on their mobile computer deserve a desk that prevents the spinal curve of hunching down to see the screen. If the iLevel 2 is too pricey, there’s also a non-adjustable model for about half the price. Purchase: $65

WASD Mechanical Keyboard

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WASD produces the best keyboards in the world, should you ask those of us who type for a living. They have two major choices to select, either the 87 or the 104-key models. Those who use their computer often will appreciate the smooth action, nearly soundless operation, and comfortable typing feel of a WASD. If you think all keyboards are created equal, try one of these out and see the difference. Purchase: $89+

Cressi Palau Short Fin Set

via ebay.com

A snorkeling set that is intended for action, this helps anyone who enjoys the water go deeper, stay longer, and experience more of the briny deep. Purchase: $60