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    Exploring Deep Beneath London: The Crossrail Tunnels
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Exploring Deep Beneath London: The Crossrail Tunnels

It’s one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects of the decade. The Crossrail Tunnels are a new underground rail network beneath the streets of London, currently spanning 23-miles in length. Thousands of workers and billions of Pounds Sterling have been invested in this project to expand London’s underground system to its growing city limits.

To date, the Crossrail Tunnels project has been a figment of the public’s imagination. Now, however, a series of images provides a glimpse into the Crossrail Tunnels project and just how massive it is in scale.

The tunneling work by Crossrail is approaching completion, with the full length expected to be finished in the Spring of 2015. The 23-mile length represents 90% of the span, so a few more miles are likely to be carved out beneath London. The accomplishment to date is as exciting for Crossrail as it is for London, and its principals are speaking fondly about the very near future. Of the project, and the recently revealed images, Crossrail CEO Andrew Wolstenhome spoke proudly:

“Crossrail is being delivered on time and on budget. These fantastic images show the scale of work taking place around the clock beneath the streets of London. We are on schedule to provide London and the South East with a fantastic new railway in 2018.”

The images of the Crossrail Project peer deep into something the public has not yet seen. It’s a world deep beneath the streets of London that provides as much visual beauty and wonder as it does transit opportunity for London. It’s exciting, and I just can’t stop staring. I’m just jealous of the lucky photographer who picked up this job!

Crossrail Tunnels London 4 Crossrail Tunnels London 5 Crossrail Tunnels London 2

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