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FingerBeat Music Production iPhone App


Want to produce studio quality music in the palm of your hand?  Yeah, there’s an app for that.  FingerBeat is an iPhone app that allows its users to program instrumentals, record audio tracks, mix, master and playback studio quality music.  Sure, the term “studio quality” is pretty loose, but the intent is certainly true.  FingerBeat includes synthesizers, samplers, effects, audio recording via the iPhone mic and playback from its’ speaker.

“FingerBeat is a virtual instrument inspired by retro synthesizers & samplers, designed for creativity & self-expression.  An homage to dance music and pop culture, FingerBeat is a classic for absolutely everyone. Only on iPhone & second generation iPod touch. You dont need to know a single musical note to create beats or draw melodies using your finger. Annotate your idea instantly by recording exterior sounds directly into the pads.”


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