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Abandoned Installation Art by Herbert Baglione

Installation artist Herbert Baglione draws his inspiration as objects draw shadow from light. For 15 years, Baglione has produced his shadowy installations on the street, in galleries and in abandoned places off the beaten path. His work merges the disciplines of sculpture, graffiti and fine art photography in a manner that is unique to his own voice.

Recently, Herbert Baglione’s work took him to Parma, Italy where he produced a series of works in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. His “1000 Shadows” project began in these spooky, subterranean chambers and expanded to a collection of locations across Europe. “1000 Shadows” also stopped in Celles-sur-Belle, France, where Baglione occupied a 16th century church as a canvas for his work.

Given their delicate arrangements, the works of Herbert Baglione are temporary and fragile, designed to live on in the images he creates. A simple draft could disturb the careful leaf arrangements that comprise some of his art work, and an errant guest could disturb the chair patterns in the cathedral. These works of art are designed for the camera– and those lucky enough to experience Baglione’s work firsthand as they are created.

“The ‘reading’ of these places allows me to take the shadow to a unique path, which usually feeds and broadens the discussion because it brings light to the abandoned environment, and so I put the name of this series as ‘The path that the soul takes’. The idea for the name came from a conversation I had with my brother (William Baglione) about the places to do these installations. It is as if the soul is leaving an invisible trail on these places.”

Artist Herbert Baglione and his brother and photography partner William Baglione are likely to continue with this “1000 Shadows” series around the globe. I can think of many places where such work would thrive, and I hope to see more from Baglione in the near future. In the mean time, you can see more from Baglione on Twitter and Instagram. [via notcot]

1000 Shadows by Herbert Baglione 5 1000 Shadows by Herbert Baglione 2 1000 Shadows by Herbert Baglione 4 1000 Shadows by Herbert Baglione 9 1000 Shadows by Herbert Baglione 8 Installation Art in Ancient Architecture by Herbert Baglione Installation Art in Ancient Architecture by Herbert Baglione 2

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