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    The Kormoran Transforming Boat Becomes Whatever You Want
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The Kormoran Transforming Boat Becomes Whatever You Want

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the boat of the future. It’s called the Kormoran Transforming Boat, and it’s breathtaking – not in the least because it’s capable of transforming with the push of a button. There’s a whole set of different configurations the boat can be used in, based on the needs of the driver – my personal favorite is Bathing Mode, which essentially turns the vehicle into a small, floating island. Flight mode is a close second; it basically makes the device a hovercraft.

The boat has six different configurations, each one suited to a particular type of boating: Mono Hull, Katamaran, Trimaran, Bathing Mode, Flight Mode, and Night Mode. It can switch seamlessly between the six; I’m going to be honest here it looks incredible no matter what mode it’s in. See, that was one of the primary principles behind the Kormoran – the craftsmanship had to be absolutely impeccable.

Kormoran Transforming Boat 2

And from the looks of the product page, it is. The working parts of the vehicle are constructed of carbon, stainless steal, and titanium, while the decks are finely-made teak wood. The seats, meanwhile, are Boxmark Xtreme Leather. In case you were wondering, that’s some incredibly high grade stuff.

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on either pricing or availability for the Kormoran – but I guarantee it’ll cost an arm and a leg. To be completely honest, it kind of makes sense in this case – innovation and design of the sort that clearly went into this project don’t come cheap. For those of you who love boating, I suspect it’ll be more than worth its weight in cash.

These days, it’s starting to look as though transforming vehicles are all the rage. And really, why shouldn’t they be? You’ve gotta admit, the notion of a transportation device that re-configures itself according to the needs of its driver is pretty awesome – especially if it’s as pleasing to the eye as the Kormoran.

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