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Lamborghini Veneno: $4.7M Celebration

It’s not every day that a legendary super car manufacturer turns 50 years old.  To celebrate its semicentennial, Lamborghini has revealed the Lamborghini Veneno, a brand new supercar design built on its famed Aventador platform.

Lamborghini Veneno 7

This vicious-looking two seater uses a special version of the Aventador engine to shatter the 200mph barrier by a good 20 steps. Specifically, it squeezes 740hp out of its naturally-aspirated 6.5 liter V12 engine, capable of a 220mph top speed and lightning quick acceleration.

Focused on optimum aerodynamics and cornerning stability, the Veneno is a prototype that promises to deliver an authentic, dynamic experience of racing, while still being fully certified for the road.

Just like the front end, the rear of the Veneno has also been optimized for underbody aerodynamics and high speed cornering stability.

The price, you may ask? You’ll need a pretty penny saved in the bank to secure this rare bull — which will be priced at $4.7M for a lucky owner. I don’t know what’s scarier — the aggressive styling or the price itself …

Lamborghini Veneno | Gallery

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