By Seamus Payne

Cities of Color: 10 Vibrant, Colorful Cities of the World

The most colorful cities around the world – There’s more to a city than just concrete, steel and hard work. 

Join us to explore 10 of the most bright and colorful cities around the world today.

Cinque Terre – Italy

The pearl of Italy’s riviera is not a city, per se, but a collection of five seaside villages that are together celebrated as an UNESCO World Heritage site. 


Jodhpur – India

Visitors to Jodhpur can experience one of the most colorful cities on the planet, where every brick, beam and boundary has been painted in this cool, calming fashion.


St. Johns – Newfoundland – Canada

The city of St. Johns on the island of Newfoundland is arguably Canada’s most colorful city, a characteristic in contrast to its otherwise chilly climate. 


Old San Juan – Puerto Rico

The buildings in Old San Juan are different from one step to the next, some warm and primary, others bright and pastel.


San Francisco – California

This densely-packed peninsula city is home to a colorful architectural identity, one reflected in the varied paint styling that changes from door to door. 


Valparaiso – Chile

Valparaiso, Chile has been called the “Ocean’s Sweetheart”, “The Jewel of the Pacific” and the city that “goes to paradise”– and it is also the cultural capitol of this geographically narrow nation. 


Bo Kaap – Cape Town – South Africa

A small corner of Cape Town, South Africa is home to the Cape Malay ethnic group and a visually vibrant architectural sensibility.