By M. W. Byrne

Go Back in Time With the 15 Best Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

Whether you want something that is truly taken out of time, or just an item that looks that way, complete with modern safety features and ventilation, you’re sure to find it among the 15 best vintage motorcycle helmets.

Daytona Basic

Foundation: There isn’t much to see here, but like vanilla ice cream it’s nearly as old as motorcycles themselves. Don’t be misled by the price, it’s DOT certified and the smallest ¾ helmet to earn that honor. 


Hanmi Half Helmet

Aviator: Though it looks like a dangerous classic, it bears a quick release chin-strap, year-round ear flaps, and a zippered pocket on the sides.


GM65 Full Dress Half Helmet

Straight Edge: A nice half face helmet, the GM65 conjures up images of the 40’s, only without the agonizing discomfort.


HJC IS-Cruiser

The Kylo Ren Collection: Matte black polycarbonate gives this a badass look that is also light as exhaust smoke, complete with an antibacterial sweat-wicking liner. 


Bell Rogue

Freedom Fighter: The composite build of the Rogue cuts down on wind shear and the muzzle detaches or re-attaches magnetically for swift switching.


Biltwell Gringo Flat

Crowd-Sourced: The Gringo was created before anyone was trying to recreate vintage helmets. It’s made by suggestions from actual asphalt fiends who had been redesigning old helmets by hand. Biltwell listened, and out this came.


AGV Diesel Hi-Jack

Evac: Instead of drawing their inspiration from ordinary sources, AGV looked to the skies. Modeled after a chopper pilot’s helmet, the Hi-Jack uses a low profile top to reduce weight and drag.


Shoei RJ Platinum-R

Breathe Easy: It looks like any other basic cap from the mid-1900’s, but it has a scoop vent on the front and release in the rear that allows air to flow in, through, and around this DOT and SNELL certified darling, keeping you cool mile after mile.