By M. W. Byrne

How to Wear a Scarf (Men’s Guide): 8 Rules and 9 Styles to Follow

Step up your game and learn how to wear a scarf as a man with these 8 steps and 9 scarf tying tricks.

Stay Simple

Generally speaking, if you are a man going about your ordinary business, your scarf should be a plain color or a simple pattern with a combination of very few hues.


Maintain Masculinity

You need to make sure you’re getting a scarf for guys. Animal prints, whole murals, and gauzy items that can’t serve any purpose other than a ligature for stopping a serious bleed aren’t made for men.


Don’t Fear Flair

If you’re wearing a lot of gray and black, a scarf made of a rich burgundy breaks up your tired banker appearance and lets you show that you’re not a mortician out to collect a body.


Pick Your Pattern

Basic plaid is fine. An understated polka-dot or striped is workable. Houndstooth or checked patterns might make the cut. 3 colors are often the rule to abide by.


Favor the Right Fabrics

Want to avoid brutal sunburn on your neck? Get yourself a lightweight linen or silk scarf. Then, when the temperature drops during the winter months, switch to gentle or woven cashmere wool.


Limit the Fringe

David Bowie and Prince could wear whatever the hell they wanted, but you aren’t either one of them.