By The Coolist

Lighthouse Pictures:  22 Stunning Spots Where the Sea Meets the Shore

To celebrate these works of nature, architecture, and the people behind the lens, we’ve sought 22 pictures that celebrate all that is glorious in lighthouse photography.

Tourlitis Lighthouse by Evangelos Stephanou

Situated atop a tiny jut of rock off the island of Andros in Greece, this small and steadfast house is a mixture of human endeavor and nature that have stood against years of erosion. 


Hafeneinfahrt Lindau – Bodense by pingallery

This photo counterpoints the traditional with the modern as a sleek ship slides along beside the two-hundred-year-old masonry.


Bell Rock Lighthouse by Ian Cowe

This majestic structure appears to hover atop the waves. However, the sense that this lighthouse sits directly atop the water is but an illusion.


Whiteford Cast-Iron Lighthouse Storm Rage by Matthew Jones

Though this causes some oxidation, as seen around the works near the doorway, it also allows the monument to stand against the often violent sea around it.


Big Sable Point Lighthouse  by Rob Sims

The moment of impact captured here by gentleman adventurer Robert Sims paints a wonderful picture that conjures up all manner of macabre images.


Petit Minou Lighthouse by Maina Kerbrat

At a distance, the Petit Minou could be mistaken for a modern construction. Still, with the weatherbeaten stones in the foreground, it becomes easier to see how the building is a piece of history.


St. Joseph Lighthouse Encased  by John Burzynski

This legendary shot came about after the lighthouse was coated in ice during what is colloquially known as the Polar Vortex.