By M. W. Byrne

You Can Always Go Home Again with the 9 Best Prefab Houses

If you need new, but want to save the stress, using one of the 9 best prefab houses is an easy way to get home again.

All Weather Modern Boxhome

A tiny little structure that can exist on a 19 square meter plot of land, the cube is as much art as it is function.


Claesson Koivisto Rune Tind House

Instead of creating a wholly angular roof, which is more common for the region, more stylized, and functions to slip snow off, using the steep curve makes more livable square footage on the inside.


Ecocor Passive Houses

The “Passive” here refer to solar, as these are made to make the most of sunlight without adding in complex technology that could breakdown.


Method Homes M-Series

Method starts inexpensive, and yet has a whole range of options that allow you to work in tandem with a team of architects to fine-tune all the features you’re going to need for the next few decades. 


LivingHomes RK2

Any of the LivingHomes three lines is exceptional for giving you a long-term, future-proofed place to hang your hat, with RK2 bringing the most style for the least money, in our humble opinion.


House Port Estate House Port

The House Port homes use either a single cube, or up to three placed together to create the effect.


Blu Homes Breezehouse

The Breezehouse is the crowning achievement of this, as the 3,000 square foot domicile is constructed around a glassy breezeway that saturates the center of your home with light, and a view of the outside world that’s immersive, without being wet and dirty.