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    Dirty Questions to Ask your Girlfriend: 133 Questions to Spice Things Up
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Dirty Questions to Ask your Girlfriend: 133 Questions to Spice Things Up

Do you need a little spark in your relationship or just want to be a little flirty? Get your girl sweat with these dirty questions to ask your girlfriend to get conversations smooth and heated or hot and heavy super quickly!

Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Whether you are early in your relationship, still learning the ropes, or on your way to your 10th anniversary, playing a question-and-answer game will unravel hidden mysteries about your significant other

A Little Dirty Q&A Can Be Fun for Couples

But why go PG when you can go dirty? You don’t need to ask them their favorite color or the new TV series they would like to watch this weekend. Although if you want a cleaner question game for couples, we have that too. 

A Bit of Dirty Talk is Healthy

But this time, you need to know the lesser-known facts that can bring so much fire to your life behind closed doors. Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend are more than just verbal foreplay. It can also be a hot way to spend some quality time with your partner, but most of all, learn something new about them, like what turns them on. You might be pleasantly surprised how playing this questions game can take your sex life to new heights. 

Dirtty Things to Ask Your Girl

Asking dirty questions is a great way to start the flirting process. But you just have to know what questions to ask your girlfriend and how to ask them. 

After all, you’re asking these questions to put yourself in a particular light. You don’t want to be too vulgar and cross a line. The key is to show your interest without seeming too eager.

And that’s why we categorized our naughty questions game into four levels – Flirty & Dirty, Naughty & Dirty, Hot & Dirty, and Freaky & Dirty. 

Level 1: Flirty Questions 

Flirting is a fantastic way to know your girl better and their boundaries without asking them questions you want to ask outright. And what better way can you do that than a few flirty and dirty questions to ask your girlfriend?

Flirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Let’s start this game mildly, just enough to test the waters. Get those butterflies flying before turning up the heat. 

29 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

These dirty questions are more flirty than downright dirty. But, they are safe and perfect to start the mood or if you haven’t tried dirty talk with your girlfriend yet. These flirty questions aim to make your bae think about her innate sexiness. 

1. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

2. What do you say is the sexiest outfit that you own?

3. How would you describe how my lips taste whenever I kiss you?

4. What do you feel whenever you look me straight in the eyes?

5. You drive me crazy, do you know that?

6. What was the dirtiest text you’ve sent someone?

7. Would you ever consider having a first kiss on the first date?

8. Would you be into body painting?

9. Do you think lust at first sight is possible?

10. Would you describe the first time you saw me in three words?

11. How do you feel about kissing or making out in public?

12. What is your favorite body part or physical features of the opposite sex?

13. Would you consider yourself a good girl or more of a bad girl?

14. What do you say is your sexiest body part?

Great Dirty Queries to Ask a Girl

15. Have you ever considered having friends with benefits relationships?

16. When was the last time you had an intimate thought about me?

17. What do you say is the sexiest thing a man can do for his woman?

18. What do you think is one thing that every man should know when it comes to flirting with a girl?

19. Do you want us to continue this conversation somewhere quiet?

20. Which one do you prefer most days, cuddling or kissing?

21. What do you think of sugar daddies, and would you ever have one?

22. What do you think can make someone a good kisser?

23. Have you ever read erotic fiction?

24. What are your go-to clothes to sleep in, if any?

25. What do you say is your biggest turn-on?

26. Where is your favorite thing to be touched?

27. Can you remember how many guys you’ve made out with before me?

28. Do you believe in aphrodisiacs? 

29. What would you do if I stole a kiss from you right now?

Level 2: Naughty Questions 

While level one is easier to digest, this following collection of dirty questions is more direct. These are still fun and flirty but slightly more suggestive. It’s perfect for when you want to get a bit naughty with your sweetheart and are not afraid to say it.

Naughty Talk Is Fun

If you think your relationship or the mood calls for moving things a little further, these naughty questions will undoubtedly plant the seed of your intention.

32 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Ask these naughty questions to your girl when you’re sure there’s a little heat brewing between the two of you!

30. Do you ever watch porn when you’re alone?

31. What do you say is the craziest thing about our sex life?

32. Have you ever had any kind of naughty dream about one of your close friends?

33. If we can go somewhere else right now, where would you like to go?

34. Can you show me a single move to turn a guy on?

35. Have you ever tried to imagine my naked body?

36. If you ever saw a nude picture of me, what would you do?

37. If there is one sexiest outfit you would like to see me in right now, what would it be?

38. What do you say was the most inappropriate thought you’ve ever had about me?

39. Have you ever just flirted and made out with someone because you suddenly felt horny?

40. What do you think a full-body massage from me would feel like?

41. Would you consider having phone sex if we’re in a long-distance relationship?

42. What if I was your sugar daddy?

43. Have you had a one-night stand?

44. What does it feel when I touch you?

45. Do you like being teased?

Is Your Girlfriend Dirty

46. Would you ever consider showering together to save water?

47. Would you like it if I talk dirty right now?

48. How would you react if I ate some cream off you?

49. Do you want to annoy the neighbors a little bit?

50. What would you feel if I whispered a naughty thing in your ear?

51. Would you wear something different to bed if you are in the mood, and what would it be?

52. What would be the naughtiest thing you would do for me?

53. How would you compare your first orgasm to your best orgasm?

54. What is your favorite spot for me to touch?

55. What do you say was the most embarrassing thing to happen to you while getting it on with someone?

56. Would you ever send me a naughty photo of you?

57. Say we have 30 minutes of alone time with no one to disturb us right now; what do you want us to do?

58. What do you say you are, quiet or a screamer?

59. Have you ever bragged about my skills in bed to a close friend, and what did you share with them?

60. What are the top five spots you want me to kiss you, and I’ll do it right now?

61. Do you enjoy foreplay, or do you prefer going straight to business?

Level 3: Hot Questions

By now, things are surely getting hotter and spicier, and it calls for more intimate questions. This is where you introduce some dirty topics, and these dirty questions will do it for you! 

Make Things Hot at Home Tonight

Ready to crank up the heat? Fire off these hot and dirty questions to your love. But beware! These questions are only to be used when you’re already in a serious relationship and have established a deeper level of intimacy. 

37 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

And if you want to reintroduce some dirty topics and sex questions after you’ve been dating for a long while, these questions are the way to do it!

62. Does talking dirty get you hot?

63. Can you describe your dirtiest sexual fantasy?

64. What was your last dirty dream all about? Was I in it?

65. Have you ever tried using food for foreplay?

66. Suppose I am a motorcycle. Would you want to ride on the front or the back?

67. Can you describe what you feel whenever I slowly kiss your neck?

68. What would you feel about me blindfolding you?

69. Where is the weirdest place you would want to do it with me?

70. Do you want to join the mile-high club?

71. If I ask you to make a bedroom bucket list that you would like me to fulfill, what would you write in it?

72. What is the dirtiest thing you would like us to do later, and would you care to describe it in detail for me right now?

73. Can you describe in full detail your go-to masturbation fantasy?

74. If I bought you new lingerie, would you ever model it for me?

75. What is the freakiest sex toy you’ve ever used?

76. Do you want to play strip poker?

77. Is there an erotic movie scene that turns you on every time you watch it? Would you want to watch it together?

78. What was the wildest thing you’ve thought about while touching yourself?

79. Remember that one time we (insert your naughtiest memory). Do you want to do it again? (Don’t forget this follow-up to the previous question).

80. Would you consider giving me a slow, sexy striptease?

81. Do you prefer to make eye contact while doing it or not?

Hot Questions to Ignite the Passion

82. Would it turn you on if I started touching myself?

83. Could you describe to me the weirdest thing that turns you on?

84. Where would you like me to lick you right now?

85. If we were in your room right now, what would you like me to do to you?

86. When was the last time you masturbated while thinking of me?

87. Do you have any sex toys I haven’t seen yet?

88. Would you read me a sexy story?

89. Do you enjoy giving head?

90. Would you like me to describe what I want to do to you right now if we’re alone in a room?

.91. What do you think of love bites? Would you give me any, or would you want me to give them to you?

92. How would you react if I had my hand slowly going down on your back?

93. What is something you’ve been dying for me to do that I haven’t done yet?

94. What was I doing the last time you had the sexiest dream about me?

95. Do you think I can take off your underwear with no hands?

96. What do you say you prefer more, rough or romantic?

97. What do you think about playing rough?

98. Do you like it whenever I pull your hair while having sex?

Level 4: Freaky Questions 

Find out your partner’s sexual desires, the dirtiest thing, and their deepest and darkest secret where the bedroom is concerned.

Time to Get Freaky

Or find out how adventurous your partner can be behind closed doors (or otherwise) and how you can spice things up the new adventures you can plan together. 

35 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

These dirty questions to ask your girlfriend will give you so much intel you never thought you needed.  

99. Would you ever consider doing it in a public place with me?

100. Have you ever watched other people doing it, and would you consider doing it?

101. What are the other three places you would do it outside the house?

102. What do you think about handcuffs?

103. Would you consider using props in the bedroom?

104. Would you dominate me if you ever had the chance?

105. What would you have a quickie or a marathon session?

106. What do you say is the most orgasmic thing about your favorite position?

107. Have you ever role-played? 

108. What would you feel if I tied up your hands in bed?

109. What is the kinkiest thing in your fantasy you’ve wanted for us to try for some time now?

110. Would you consider doing it with me while other people are watching?

111. What do you think about scratching?

112. Is spanking something you would like to try with me?

113. The next time I go lingerie shopping with you, would you want me to sneak into the fitting room with you?

114. Would you pleasure yourself in front of me and have me join you after?

115. Would you like to handcuff me in bed and do whatever you want to me tonight?

116. What do you think about tantric sex?

117. Are you a naughty girl? How would you prove it?

118. Would you ever consider exchanging partners with a friend?

119. How would you react if another couple approached you out of the blue and asked you to be their “third?”

120. What is one thing you’ve been scared to do in the bedroom but want to try?

121. Does watching other people have sex turn you on?

122. Have you ever thought of making a sex tape with me?

123. Would you watch an adult movie with me?

124. Does the thought of hooking up with a stranger turn you on?

125. What do you say about sex without feelings being hotter?

126. Have you ever fantasized about having sex with one of my friends?

127. Would you consider doing it with someone twice your age or even older?

128. Have you ever watched another couple go at it without them knowing, and did you enjoy it?

129. If you could have anybody join us at home tonight, who would you want it to be?

130. Would you make out with someone of the same sex while I watch?

131. Would you consider having a threesome?

132. If you could have me and another porn star in one bed, would you pick a guy or a girl?

133. Do you ever fantasize about having sex with someone else besides me?

Final Thoughts on Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Now that you have plenty of fantastic ideas for dirty questions to ask your girlfriend, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy a dirty questions game with your favorite girl. Oh, and don’t forget to follow her answers up with your own if she’s eagerly participating. 

Did you enjoy this awesome list of dirty questions to ask your girlfriend? Did we miss something that works well based on your experience? Let us know by sharing it in the comments below!