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Harman Kardon BT Headphones

Harman Kardon waited until the twilight of 2012 to reveal what might be the best wireless headphones of the year.  The Harman Kardon BT Headphones are an over-ear headset capable of 40 hours of wireless, bluetooth audio playback in pristine, full-spectrum sound.  Each 1-5/8th’s inch driver is powered by an internal battery that is USB-chargeable, while a backup cable can plug-and-play for long music marathons.  They’re designed not only to last, they’re also built to be comfortable.  They feature a set of soft leather cups with an interchangeable bow to allow for a firm, cushioned fit.  We’ve long been a fan of Harman Kardon here at TheCoolist, from their HK Soundsticks and beyond.  It’s nice to see another solid pair of over/closed-ear headphones on the market, as it is a technology we swear by.  Earbuds are great and all, but nothing beats old fashion– especially when it features top-of-the-line tech.  [via notcot]

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