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    Best Oxford Shirt for Men in 2023 – Top 11 Oxford Cloth Button Downs Reviewed
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Best Oxford Shirt for Men in 2023 – Top 11 Oxford Cloth Button Downs Reviewed

The Oxford shirt for men is a timeless wardrobe staple, weathering decades of mercurial fashion trends with dignity and staying power. Regardless of what you pair it with, it complements a wide range of men’s outfits from casual jeans to formal dress suits. In fact, it’s difficult to think of occasions where an OCBD (Oxford Cloth Button-Down) wouldn’t fit in.

Best Oxford Shirt Men Will Love

Moreover, an Oxford shirt will do you good regardless of the season of the year. You can certainly have an Oxford button up shirt layered beneath thick jackets and coats during winter, or wear it in a more relaxed manner in the warmer summer months under a chino suit. Accessorize it right and voila, you’re all set to go!

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Here are some of the best Oxford shirts for men to enrich your wardrobe.

The 11 Best Men’s Oxford Shirts for Any Budget

Curating your wardrobe is the key to dressing consistently sharp. At the core of your sartorial collection should be several classic Oxford shirts that you can alternate through the week, and well into the weekend.

So what is an oxford shirt that you can wear confidently, knowing you got your money’s worth? We review 11 of the best oxford shirts men of any budget or style will appreciate.

1. Goodthreads | “The Perfect Oxford Shirt”

Goodthreads The Perfect Blue Oxford Shirt
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Nothing beats an Oxford shirt with a flattering slim fit, a pocket option, and a comfortable skin feel. And that’s exactly what “The Perfect Oxford Shirt” from Goodthreads gives you, living up to its name.

When it comes to fit, this shirt is miles ahead of the pack with a well-tapered slim cut for an impressive put-together look. Its fabric is super soft and feels “lived-in” from the first time you wear the shirt. A wide range of colors to choose from further sweetens the deal.

You’ll find yourself reaching for this shirt time and again–it will probably become your “golden boy” a la Seinfeld. 

2. Amazon Essentials | Long-Sleeve Pocket Oxford Button Down

Amazon Essentials Long-Sleeve Pocket Oxford Button Down
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Amazon Essentials have a whole line of menswear that includes chino pants, t-shirts, fit-shorts, and polo shirts. But their long-sleeve, pocketed OCBD is a standout, with high-quality 100% durable cotton making it breathable and comfortable for all-day wear.

This shirt fits easily in the chest area and tapers down through the waist. It might be Papa Bezos’ brand, but it is nevertheless a quality product with an accessible price tag that deserves a spot in your wardrobe.

3. Uniqlo | Long-Sleeve Oxford Style Shirt

Uniqlo Long-Sleeve Oxford Style Shirt

Uniqlo delivers some of the best mens dress shirts at a bargain price. The detailed finishes and polished cuts place it in the league of shirts that retail for twice its cost. These shirts offer a cost-effective way to stock-pile on staple white shirts for your everyday rotation.

The armholes are thoughtfully cut to allow you the latitude to move freely. And the shirt’s silhouette holds an elegant, slim cut flattering to most body shapes. It maintains its shape after washing, and wont fight you tooth and nail when you iron it.

Uniqlo men’s oxford shirts also come in varied colors besides white, including off-white, blue, pink, and grey, among others.

4. Van Heusen | Regular Fit Solid Oxford Shirt

Van Heusen Regular Fit Solid Oxford Shirt
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In a field jam-packed with the best dress shirt brands, Van Heusen‘s OCBD shirt stands out as a gem worth having in your wardrobe.

The Oxford fabric used is finely textured for your comfort, aging well and getting softer with use. A relaxed button-down collar that looks awesome with or without neckwear allows you to dress it down or up and still look nice.

With a cut designed for movement, a pocket for convenience, and a classic fit with hints of modernity, it has all the traits of a great daily driver. Moreover, no dry cleaning is required, just machine wash it.

5. Lee Uniforms | Men’s Long Sleeve Oxford Dress Shirt

Lee Uniforms Men's Long Sleeve Oxford Dress Shirt
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Lee’s blue oxford button down is a piece your wardrobe shouldn’t do without. Made from a blend of high-quality cotton and polyester, the fabric is breathable and gentle on the skin for comfortable wear all day.

Nicely stitched and versatile, this Oxford shirt comes out great whether tucked or untucked. It’s offered in three colors of white, light yellow, and light blue to choose from as per your taste. Did we mention the shirt’s flattering, no-too slim fit? And lastly, the chest pocket is the icing on the cake for this shirt.

6. Tommy Hilfiger | Long Sleeve Button Down Oxford Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Button Down Oxford Shirt Men
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Perfect for a wide range of casual occasions, Tommy Hilfiger’s long sleeve button-down Oxford shirt is one of the best untucked shirts men can wear. The fitting has been tailored to impress and the price, too, is agreeable. That it’s machine washable makes the shirt easy to care for, as well.

An embroidered Tommy Hilfiger logo on the chest adds to the aesthetics of the shirt. Curate your wardrobe with a touch of class from Tommy Hilfiger… and you’ll be glad you did.

7. Polo Ralph Lauren | Classic-Fit Mens Long Sleeve Oxford Shirts

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Mens Long Sleeve Oxford Shirts
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Polo Ralph Lauren ticks all the boxes of what the best casual button down shirts should be. It’s constructed from a high-quality Oxford weave, with ultra-fine cuts that produce a flattering shirt silhouette.

You also have a wide range of colors to complement any number of outfits. Paired with a good pair of chinos, and you’ll enjoy a sleek casual style. Add the signature Polo logo embroidered on the breast, and you’ve got the finishing touch to an already classy Oxford. Wear it for a social evening out, or as smart casual at work.

It’s machine washable making it easy to clean and wear on the go. Polo Ralph Lauren also offers a short-sleeve version of the shirt for when it gets warmer.

8. J.Crew | Broken-in Casual Oxford Shirt with Organic Cotton

J.Crew Broken-in White Oxford Shirt with Organic Cotton

Get ready to be impressed with J.Crew’s Broken-in Oxford. Made from organic, garment-dyed cotton, this casual oxford shirt exudes effortless confidence typical of a well-made OCBD. And because it comes broken in, you can count on it to be extremely comfortable. It also manages to resist pilling better than most.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this oxford collar shirt is an easy-care item that’s also machine washable.

Try dressing it down untucked by unbuttoning it over a t-shirt, as well.

9. Lacoste | Short Sleeve Oxford Collar Shirt

Lacoste | Short Sleeve Oxford Collar Shirt
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Think Lacoste, and classy footwear and sportswear come to mind. But don’t ignore their short sleeve casual OCBD, either.

With a lightweight build of 100% cotton, you’ll enjoy a breathable, relaxed fit that keeps heat and humidity at bay without losing its drape. It’s smart, but definitely casual with the button-down collar and logo-adorned front pocket.

Living somewhere cold? Never fret, as there’s a long-sleeve variant out there as well courtesy of Lacoste.

10. UltraClub | Men’s Wrinkle-Free Oxford Dress Shirt

UltraClub Men's Wrinkle-Free Oxford Dress Shirt

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UltraClub has packed quite a lot of functionality into this slim fit Oxford shirt. First, the polyester fabric is ideal for ease of movement, yet boasts a sophisticated finish without excessive sheen. 

Additionally, this UltraClub shirt is water-resistant on the front and back yokes keeping you dry if you’re out when it suddenly drizzles. It’s a perfectly tailored Oxford shirt that’s machine washable. And with a pocket on the the left chest, it offers the convenience to store cash or keys.

11. Calvin Klein | Short Sleeve Oxford Cloth Shirts

Calvin Klein Short Sleeve Oxford Cloth Shirts

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Stylishly crafted with a vintage gingham check, Calvin Klein’s Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt will be an essential inclusion to your wardrobe. Made of fine 55% Cotton, 41% Polyamide, and 4% Elastane, it’s comfortable to wear and has just enough stretch to flatter your physique.

Pair it with a pair of jeans and layer it under a blazer for a fine semi-casual look. Its point collar and a logo block on the chest add to the aesthetics and yield a classic blue Oxford shirt.

This Calvin Klein Oxford shirt is easy to care for as it’s machine washable. 

What to Wear with Oxford Shirt Styles

Are oxford shirts casual or dressy? The answer is they can be both; you can rock your Oxford shirt in a variety of impressive combinations.

Let’s explore how to wear your Oxford shirt stylishly below.

Wearing an Oxford Shirt with a Casual Suit

Casual suits differ from traditional business suits in various ways. They tend to be more textured and are less structured. Additionally, casual suits have bolder patterns and may have interesting colors. Thus, the relaxed styling of an OCBD is a natural fit and augmentor of the look.

Try pairing a white Oxford shirt with a navy jacket and a pair of derby shoes. You can add a tie or go tieless–totally up to you just so long as you read the room and dress appropriately. If you do choose to pair your Oxford shirt with a tie, you generally want keep to dressy colors of light blue, or white and blue pinstrips. However, if you’re wearing a suit in muted hues, you can try out colorful stripes and fun-looking patterns.

If you opt to ditch the tie, you can unbutton the two topmost buttons of the shirt. Unbuttoning only one looks uptight, while three or more can look shabby.

To complete the smart casual look, opt for brownish derby shoes. If you intend to maintain a casual look, avoid black shoes as they’ll easily inject an aura of formality into your dress.

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Wearing an Oxford Shirt with Jeans

Jeans that go well with Oxford shirts need to be well-fitted, clean, and in a dark neutral color. They mainly play a supporting role in the mix, with the shirt and boots as headliners.

Plain-colored OCBDs (like white or black oxford shirts) serve impeccably as some of the best untucked shirts to go with jeans. You can also experiment with richer and more aggressive colors such as dark blue, burgundy, chocolate brown, purple, or green. Black jeans will pull off a great look with a deep blue Oxford shirt.

For shoes, Chelsea or brogue boots will be quite complementary to the jeans-Oxford shirt combination. Rugged work boots also work well when the Oxford shirt is a multicolored checked pattern.

Match your belt and shoes appropriately, taking care with color and formality.

Wearing an Oxford with Chinos

You can pair Oxford shirts with chinos for a fantastic casual dress-down look. A light blue Oxford shirt pairs particularly well with navy chinos and minimalist white canvas sneakers as a springtime outfit.

You can also pair your white, blue, or gray Oxford shirt with red chinos. Top it off with an elegant navy blazer and matching brown loafers for the ultimate casual look. Belgian or Tassel loafers would also be excellent for this look.

Wearing Oxford Shirts with Shorts

OCBDs pair perfectly with tailored shorts for a preppy look. Do take care to avoid baggy or athletic shorts or the cutoff jeans type like the plague, though.

Chino shorts will fit in well with an Oxford shirt in white or other muted tones, as well.

Worn with shorts, OCBDs should be short-sleeved and may be tucked or untucked. Make sure the length and design allow for it; a long shirt-tail that hovers below the waist looks sloppy.

You can also consider varying the look with an unbuttoned Oxford shirt layered over a well-fitting t-shirt. That will work best if the t-shirt is plain and in neutral colors like gray, or khaki.

Moccasins with no-show socks and a pair of sunglasses will round up this classic preppy look.


Oxford shirts are among the most versatile clothing items you can have in your wardrobe. You need to stock them for use on a variety of occasions and combinations from semi-formal, business casual, to a preppy look. We’ve sampled the best fitted button up shirts that every man must have in their wardrobes and how they can be worn.

Feel free to let us know what your experience has been with the listed Oxford items and the creative combinations that have worked for you. Hit our comments section below and share with us what other Oxford shirt has done it for you.