By Catherine Nyorani

10 Different Types of Enchanting Cat Breeds

Looking for opinions on what the most beautiful cats in the world are? Well, here’s our top 10 suggestions for majestic, silky, or just plain gorgeous cat breeds. 

Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are a rare exotic cat breed and one of the most expensive there is. They share their genes with the Asian Leopard cat, giving them a unique coat color as well as rosette markings.


Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blues possess an incredibly unique temperament that can only be described as whimsical. They are initially quite shy to strangers, but when they open up they are incredibly affectionate, playful, and more than a little derpy.


Siberian Cat

True to their name, these luxuriant long-haired felines come from Siberia. Their native environment has subarctic conditions and is forested. For this reason, the Siberian cat has a protective, thick and long fur coat.


Persian Cat

Persian cats are often called the Ferrari of the feline world, and are almost universally considered to be among the most beautiful cat breeds. Their long, plus fur coats positively embodies elegance and adorability.


Exotic Shorthair

His face is also gentle, and his body round. The Exotic shorthair, however, is livelier than the Persian cat. It adores being a lap cat but does not demand too much attention.


British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a family cat, friendly but a tad stand-offish. It has lots of patterns and colors, but the most popular of the breed is the blue fur shorthair. These cats are easy to care for and have minimal health problems.



The Ragdoll has beautiful silky fur and is a wonderful personality. It is loyal, gentle, and very aware of its environment and relationship with humans.