By M. W. Byrne

32 Funniest Phobias and Fears, Just To Make You Feel Better

We’re all afraid of something. Spiders, the government, clowns, the clowns in government, commitment; and while all fears are valid, there’s a few out there that are pretty hilarious.

If nothing else, these 32 entertaining fears will help you pretend that your fright at Hummel figurines is totally normal.

Syngenesophobia – Fear of Relatives

It’s the fear of relatives or those who share our bloodline. It’s often caused by troubled relationships in the family, making anyone who shares familial traits a frightening specter.


Papaphobia – Fear of The Pope

This was understandable back when he was a former Nazi, but now there’s no reason to fear the pope. Unless it’s because of the weird bubble car or his giant hat. Then, we’re all a little scared.


Xanthophobia  – Fear of Yellow

Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern had quite a lot of this, since yellow was his only weakness. The color most commonly associated with fear can actually cause it. Alanis would say that’s ironic, because it isn’t.


Lipophobia – Fear of Becoming Fat

Not just the fear of fat on your steak, or of being trapped on a plane with an overweight person who might decide cannibalism is the way to go after a crash, this is the dire fear of eventually gaining weight.


Linonophobia – Fear of String

Forget a career as a professional yo-yoer, a seamstress, tailor, or master quilter if you’re a linonophobic. In spite of the name, sufferers have shown no aversion to string theory, which makes physics a possible alternative job path.


Zemmiphobia – Fear of The Great Mole Rat

While these people tend to be afraid of all naked mole rats, the fear itself is of “The Great” mole rat, which, as far as modern science knows, isn’t a real thing.