By M. W. Byrne

Down the Drain: The 19 Best Shower Beers

When you’re ready to gird your coffee with something a little more stout, we suggest these 19 best shower beers for anytime you’re dirty and sober.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Indian Pale Ales (IPAs) are hands down the first choice among the shower beer community, because they’re sharp, bright, and soothing all at the same time.


Moonraker Zamboni Haze

Tropical on the nose with citrus and malt playing heavy backup, Haze is as good at picking you up as putting you down, depending on what mood you’re in.


Block House Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Ale is a staple of fall, but you should have a set on hand for year-round shower drinking.


Birra Fresca Cucumber Mint IPA

Trying this IPA makes it impossible to discern why, given how refreshing it is and how well it opens and awakens your sinuses.


Bell’s Oarsman Ale

The Oarsman is a traditional beer for people who work hard, but with a little modern English on it for sublime sipping.


Anchor Mango Wheat

This is a truly tropical concoction that captures the essence of the fruit by being light yet syrupy at first, then slipping away quickly so as not to weigh down your palate.