12 Safest Places to Go to Escape Nuclear War


by M. W. ByrneOct 2, 2021


The issue with digging down is if you do live in a high-risk area, you could still be looking at a lifetime spent.


So where do you spend your end of days in comfort?


The small, sparsely populated nation of Iceland is largely divorced both from most major international politics and from physical contact with another country.


New Zealand

New Zealand is a lovely agricultural country that feels like a small town, no matter where you go. They have no nuclear arms themselves, almost no military, lots of space to spread out.



Countries that have long been major bases for the United States military typically rank high on the list of Places Nuclear Bombs Will Destroy. In the case of Guam, the fact is that no one really wants it.



An obvious choice, it’s a good place to avoid bombs, but a terrible place to live. You’re going to need to pack enough supplies because you aren’t living off that land.


French Polynesia

More than 400 islands, French Polynesia is too scattered to really warrant an attack, and far enough from any shore that the water should sink nuclear fallout before it drifts in on the tradewinds.


Perth, Australia

Australia’s eastern coast is likely to suffer, since there’s seats of government, major cities, and political players on a global level. On the west side, there’s desert. Then, there’s Perth.


South Africa

South Africa doesn’t otherwise bear many international political problems, has solid infrastructure from English occupation, and isn’t a threat to anyone.



There’s a reason Nazi war criminals fled here. It’s the end of the line in many ways and is so full of its own issues that the rest of the world doesn’t care enough to exploit it, much less nuke it.



Instead of going out to get away from the blast, living in the mile high city means you’re going up to save yourself. A bit of a gamble, the proximity to NORAD could actually be helpful.


Kansas City

People will not be bothered watching the Chiefs and tasting the ribs. Doubt we're wrong on that one.



While the dense forests and lush wildlands help diffuse any nuclear fallout, you’re also going to be coping with extremely limited infrastructure and plenty of bears. Cool bears.