By M. W. Byrne

12 Most Effective Tactical Wallets For EDC In Hell

A tactical wallet must be ready for the slag-storm that the world throws at you, and be prepared to meet it with a grin. Here’s what we mean…

Maxpedition Spartan

This is a minimalist option made of 1000 D ripstop nylon with a velcro binding and hook and loop closure that cuts away features and accessories in favor of giving you toughness and simplicity in a tight little package.


Pelican Sport Wallet

The hard shell prevents any water, dust, or debris from seeping in, even when you’re doing an amphibious operation off the coast of Egypt.


Gerber GDC Money Clip

Gerber’s Money Clip has a nasty little knife on a loop should anyone decide to try to take your hard-earned cash away from you.


Violent Little Machine Shop Kydex Shock Wallet

Kydex that has been precision machined to craft an elegant, hingeless wallet with a hardcore design intended to strap in for bumpy rides, The Shock doesn’t snag or slip, while offering a flexible, dependable frame in any number of beautiful, tough color choices.


Trayvax Original

It blocks RFID skimming, has real MIL-spec paracord should you need a tourniquet to tie off a bleed, and has finger ridges on the bottom, allowing you to both handle this with ease, and fold it into your fist for a little extra damage during a brawl.


Spec. Ops T.H.E. Wallet

Equipped to be threaded with paracord and carry both cash and a passport, along with a military ID, T.H.E. Wallet is so traditional it practically comes with a serial number. 


HuMn Mini

Barely making the cut in the tactical arena, the HuMn is an RFID blocking wallet made from your choice of 6061 aircraft aluminum, black on black carbon fiber, or Cerakote.


Hitch & Timber EDC Card Caddy

Here you can stash your cash and cards, but also add in a pocket knife, tool, and a tactical pen or mechanical pencil, creating a pocket organizer that is 100% badass.