By M. W. Byrne

14 Strangest Resort Vacations That Are Miles From Normal

Dig a little deeper and go a few miles out of your way, and you’ll find some gems in the rough that might be diamonds, or might be Jeremejevite. Either way, these 14 weird resorts are worth writing home about.


An odd medieval town that still uses brickwork from almost 700 years ago on its main thoroughfare, serious skiers are already aware that this is the holy grail for slope hounds.


Yunessun Spa

Located in the little-known town of Hakone, it’s likely you’ve heard of the red wine soak that you can do at Yunessun, as that’s their headlining feature, but there’s also the option to sit in green tea, sake, or ramen broth.


Jules’ Undersea Lodge

There’s no hidden gimmick here, just an undersea research station that has been converted into an Atlantean resort where visitors must be Scuba certified just to make it through the front door.


Poseidon Undersea Resort

The second strange resort to use Davy Jones’ Locker as a locale, the Poseidon focuses almost exclusively on spa treatments that incorporate their watery setting, with various kinds of hydrotherapy, and then caps it off with Triton submarine tours that use the sea as a playground.


Abandoned Bounty Beach Bungalows Resort

In the realm of abandoned resorts, few are quite as haunting as the forgotten set of resorts built in Bali. Prepared to open in the early aughts, bombings in the area and terrorist attacks caused tourism to halt dramatically.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

The glass spheres of Kakslauttanen offer up a panoramic view of the northern lights, capitalizing wisely on nature to handle the fireworks.